Quieting the Mind with Bach Flowers

Quieting the Mind with Bach Flowers ~ InnerVitalityBach Flower Remedies were originally created by Edward Bach in England, after his discovery of the emotional/mental healing properties of flowers in the fields where he lived, and later published in 1933. The Remedies are based on the concept that as we heal our cares and anxieties, we free ourselves from the susceptibility to illness, as well as bring about more inner peace.

You’ll still find these wonderful remedies today (created under the same name) at your neighbourhood health store or herbalist. Consult your natural health practitioner for usage or have a peek at the bottle…usually 2 drops in water, sipped at intervals, repeated at least twice a day as needed ~ brings about a gentle shift with powerful results. For quieting the mind, the following Remedies* are recommended:

Cerato ~ For lack of confidence in making decisions. Encourages inner trust and certainty.

Cherry Plum ~ Beneficial where there’s fear of the mind/body giving way. Brings openess, composure.

Mimulus ~ Fear of known things, privately bearing dread. Encourages bravery, courage.

Red Chesnut ~ For those who are anxious for others. Opportunity to cut free, release concern.

Rock Water ~ For rigidity in work and living that denies joy and pleasure. Brings flexibility, softness.

White Chesnut ~ When it feels you can’t shut your mind off. Helps with clarity and tranquility.

Copyright © 2009 InnerVitality, All rights reserved | Visit our website at www.InnerVitality.com and we invite you to follow us on Twitter! *Source: The Twelve Healers and other Remedies by Edward Bach, published by Dr. Edward Bach Centre

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