Your Healthy, Happy Spine

body-mind symbolism

Your Healthy, Happy Spine ~ InnerVitalityYou may have experienced some of these common phrases:

Was someone a ‘pain in your back’? Are you ‘breaking your back’? Who is the ‘backbone’ of the family? Have you ever felt ‘spineless’ or that someone else was? Did a friend ‘bend over backwards’ for you, or did you for another?

It’s not hard to imagine how these expressions came to be when we examine the emotion we feel in connection to these statements. We can further get at the root of the body-mind symbolism associated with the spine by also looking at its structural function:*

• strength, support, ability to stand upright with dignity
• encases the central nervous system & central blood supply
• upper back ~ assists expression through activity, eg. out arms
• middle back ~ holds centre of body in balance, enables bending
• lower back ~ supports the weight from above

internal dialogue

If you have pack pain, discomfort or misalignment, ask yourself the following questions:*

Do you feel supported? Carrying a heavy weight? Do you stand up for yourself? Are you too rigid with yourself or others? Are you turning your back? Are there repressed feelings you don’t want to look at?

What activities does your back ailment cause you to avoid or what do you get to do as a result? Is this symbolic in your life in any way? What inner change is needed to heal? How do others view people who are pain free and move with ease? With a ‘good’ back, what becomes possible in your life? See this now….

guided visualization

Imagine your spine filling with a radiant glowing light, spiraling and moving with ease from top to bottom, and bottom to top. Know that you are already on your way to a healthier, happier spine. Your body knows how to heal itself. Feel the radiant light filling each limb now…see yourself moving with joy and ease.

When we look within, we can decode the positive message from our soul ~ presented as unease in our body ~ as a tip that we are out of alignment. When awareness, action, and positive expectation are combined, we ultimate play a very empowered and far-reaching role in our health and vitality.

Copyright © 2009 InnerVitality, all rights reserved. | Visit our website at and we invite you to follow us on Twitter! *Source: Your Body Speaks Your Mind by Deb Shapiro; published by Sounds True.

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