The Intuitive AHA! Response

7 Quick Tips to Know You Translated it Correctly

The Intuitive AHA! Response by InnerVitalitySo you’ve gone into meditation and connected with spirit, or your higher self, or you have an inner feeling or gut instinct about something or someone. Once you’ve received the message and interpreted its meaning, here are a few pointers that let you know you’re on the right track:

1. If the message you receive relates to an area of concern or interest (even if it was not the answer you were hoping for).

2. You feel inwardly as if you’ve ‘hit the nail on the head’. A feeling of epiphany, or an ‘aha!’ response.

3. There is an element of synchronicity or fate to it ~ if it is a really important message, it usually does.

4. The message is multi-dimensional, meaning it applies to multiple areas of your life. Even big messages often have a secondary meaning once examined.

5. Always give precedence to what the message (symbol/image/words, etc) mean to you. (For example a mouse image may commonly symbolize a need to pay attention to detail, but for you the mouse may indicate a beloved pet or your love of cartoons for instance).

6. Goosebumps sometimes accompany our accurate translation of a message. The saying goes, ‘goosebumps equal truth-bumps’!

7. Our guides and angels will often give us a repetition of 3. Often 3 stars or 3 shapes of some kind in our mind’s eye. Sometimes 3 words are repeated or part of a sentence is repeated 3 times with different endings, adding to the depth of meaning. The trinity is always powerful in spirit messages.

If you are still unsure about a particular message that you receive, ask spirit to bring you the answer. Ask to wake up knowing or ask spirit to show you confirmation in some way over the next week ~ and be open to how it comes.

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We welcome your comments. Let us know how these pointers work for you! We also welcome any of your own tips for other readers…


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