Self-Care Action Plan

5 Steps You Can Take Today

Self Care ~ InnerVitalityIf you have the chance to review author Cheryl Richardson’s work (check out The Art of Extreme Self-Care), I highly recommend it! Here are a few of her suggested steps to reawaken and nourish yourself, starting right NOW:

1. Choose 1 person in your life you need to be willing to disappoint, say no to, and be honest with.
2. Decide 1 thing you’ve been putting off, you need to do to take care of yourself.
3. Identify 1 absolute ‘no’ for you ~ something you’ve been saying ‘yes’ to (against your highest good) that you will now say ‘no’ to.
4. What 1 daily ritual could you put into place that would set your life on the right course?
5. Come up with a healthy way that you will begin to express your anger.

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