Gut Instincts

being led from within…

Learning to Trust Your Intuition ~ InnerVitalityWhat happens within ~ inside your body ~ when you have a gut instinct response? Do you trust your gut? It is important we recognize our own patterns and our own intuitive signposts so we may steer ourselves in our highest good more easily and more often.

Reflect on how you’ve felt inside when you had an internal warning or red flag about something or someone. How did it feel inside your body? Where did you feel sensation? What was the temperature, the movement, the emotional feeling? Your body remembers and can show you how it felt. Did you want to put on the breaks? Did you feel inner turmoil…gut wrenching? Was there any tightness, pain, worry, or feeling of adrenaline? Did you have the sense of any colours in your stomach or around you? Recognize your own personal response.

Now think of a few occasions when you felt an encouraging, joyful gut instinct…the times when you had an inner knowing that it would be a positive experience to proceed forward. Notice what your internal okay feels like and where you felt it in your body. Perhaps there’s an easy movement of energy, happy butterflies in your tummy, lightness, warmth, or the feeling of being given a gentle nudge forward. What is your internal signal?

In life there are so many signposts and omens available along the way. So many people, however, have closed down their feeling responses in favour of an intellectual review of the scenarios they find themselves in. Intellect is fine, of course we were given it for a reason, and it has much to offer. But isn’t it time we not cut off parts of ourself in the process of steering our way through life? It is the uniting of all parts of self that makes us whole, makes us powerful, and most successfully guides us on our life path. Be open to all the guidance available to you on your journey.

Don’t waste energy regretting the past and those internal red flags that you’ve ignored ~ we’ve all done it. But let’s put the learning to use. It is time to incorporate all parts of our selves to fully and joyfully step into our power!

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