The Gratitude Effect

Abundance Versus Lack

inner vitality abundance versus lackWhich secret garden will you tend? If you are currently in a place where negative inner dialogue or a really difficult situation is trumping your sense of inner peace and abundance, understandably gratitude may not be an emotion you readily feel. So how do you get there from here? Let’s first consider two important questions….

Firstly, do you believe that all situations and relationships in your life (even the hard ones) are meant as gifts for the growth of your soul? If not, perhaps you will receive some upliftment from our sister blog (SatyaSoul) article on Soul Connections. I realize that’s an extremely difficult concept to embrace, but I can firmly and lovingly say that this soul knowingness has allowed me to move from the incredible grief of losing a parent at a young age and the feeling of being unsafe and unprotected as a result of a past car accident…to a place of profound gratitude for the soul lessons I received, for the belief in my inner strength to overcome anything, and for the immense knowing we’re all being divinely guided and just where we need to be to truly move forward.

Secondly, do you believe in the power of the mind/emotion to get you to a place of positivity and even gratitude? We can all attest that it feels terrible when someone proclaims the power of positive thinking when we’re really not in the mood…we don’t want to be preached to, we just want to know how to get out of the place we’re in. Law of attraction author Esther Hicks invites us do whatever one thing will bring us a sense of relief…and then the next thing and so on. As we climb the ladder of emotion, any time we feel a sense of relief (even if frustrated/angry if previously feeling despair for instance), we are aligning more with source, more with the vortex of well-being, and more with who we really are.

Perhaps even the happiest and most grateful people in the world could write a list of what’s wrong with their life and the world that’s just as long as what’s right with it…but they certainly aren’t focused on lack. Eventually we learn it’s our perspective and how we choose to view our life that has everything to do with our sense of abundance, rather than our life experiences themselves.

For some gratitude tips, you may wish to read our blog post, Gratitude & Flow.

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