Numerology ~ Discover Your Personal Year Number

To decipher the numerological influence the current year will bring to you personally, calculate your Personal Year Number…here’s how! Simply add the month and day of your birthday to the current calendar year, then reduce the result to a single digit number.

For example, someone with a birthdate of August 17 would be entering a #2 Personal Year (8+17+2011=20=2+0=2). View the chart below to see the meaning of your Personal Year Number, it will provide clues on how to harmoniously align with the energies and opportunities available this year!

#1 Personal Year
Keywords: Take charge, let ideas take root, develop a plan, launch forward, determination, independence, self-promotion, new beginnings.

#2 Personal Year
Keywords: Stay calm, practice diplomacy, favoured partnerships, get rest, exercise patience, teamwork, acquire knowledge, cultivate peace, collect resources, cooperate.

#3 Personal Year
Keywords: Cultivate joy, creative expression, take a holiday, see love all around you, self-confidence, have fun, entertain, spread optimism.

#4 Personal Year
Keywords: Get to work, be practical, build the foundation, find cheer, take care of health, solve problems, constructive rewards, self-discipline, follow schedules, take inventory.

#5 Personal Year
Keywords: Embrace change, freedom, discard outmoded ideas, look your best, drop a habit, be original, take calculated risks, recreate your life, be open to new experiences.

#6 Personal Year
Keywords: Be of service, maintain harmony, provide counsel, enjoy family and friends, accept responsibility, marriage/home highlighted, musicality, maintain standards.

#7 Personal Year
Keywords: Keep the faith, find flow, inner reflection, preparation, self-analysis, travel, meditation, education, soul growth, time for self, discovery.

#8 Personal Year
Keywords: Go for it, achievement, harvest time, readiness, abundance, business advancement, organization and honesty rewarded.

#9 Personal Year
Keywords: Review it, completion, fulfillment, compassion, kinship, satisfaction, spring-cleaning, let go, endings, make room for new beginnings.

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