Our True Self

Heart-centredness & Unity
know your true self and inner vitalityThe next stage of our journey is about witnessing even more of our true self and a sense of becoming more at home in our own skin. We are realizing too that the skin is not a barrier of who we are, as we become aware of our soul connection with all consciousness.

You may even be feeling your energy body expanding, as more of your love and light fills to the brim of your physical barrier, and sense even more consciously how far your energy radiates out from there at all times.

When there’s a conscious connection with our heart and the intention to radiate that energy outwards, we will experience even more unity with all that is within and surrounds us. It is an interesting sense of filling the inner and also extending into the outer. Notice how it is always a unity of these two things, and at the same time there is no duality!

Cosmic Consciousness
In times when there wasn’t the realization that the world was as big as it was, the reality of being globally united was true, as people didn’t sense themselves as separate from anyone else. They knew also that they were aligned with the stars, the Earth, and part of the universe. They knew that as much as they revered the stars and the universe, they also were sacred creatures.

As I write this message, I reflect on a journal entry I made one summer in which a native elder had come to me in a dream which exemplified this concept:

My beloved teacher came to me smiling like the sun…I noticed she WAS the sun setting on gentle waves on the beachy shore. She was also part of the air, the most gentle of breezes. Later she visited the Dog Star Sirius…and eventually became the rushing wind, signalling the rain showers which followed on my tent….

What a gift she gave in teaching the truth of our multidimensionality and connection with the elements.

Guided Visualization

You may wish to see yourself as a dove or riding the wings of a bird…a beautiful graceful bird that knows exactly where it needs to go, knows itself to be in the flow, and knows itself to be a creature that can flow through life. It is able to rise above Earthly concerns and it sees things from a view of perspective. It also can sweep down to the Earth when it is time for nourishment. It rides between the worlds, and that is what is required of us at this time ~ not to be up solely in the spiritual world, and not to be solely chained to 3D reality, but to recognize ALL of self.

Imagine standing tall, being rooted to the Earth and stretching hugely upwards into the skies. See yourself as that person standing both on the Earth and who has their head also in the Heavens, for that is YOU.

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