Clear Heart & Mind with the Help of Mother Nature

inner vitality health wellness websiteBringing Nature Indoors
If you happen to be greeted by a chirping bird as you wake in bed, allow its song to clear your chakras invigorating you for the day ahead.

As you hop in the shower, send gratitude for the abundance of water and let it wash away any anxieties or concerns of the day…an easy, multi-tasking way to fit in 10 minutes of meditation daily!

When you look around your home or office environment, does it uplift you and comfort you? If not, consider adding some live or imitation plants, water fountain or wind chimes, and nature images that inspire you…anything that evokes the feeling of nature can bring healing properties to harmonize and balance our daily mental and emotional state.

Cycles of the Moon
At the time of the full moon, our emotions are naturally heightened as everything comes to the surface for release…a fitting time for consciously letting go so something new can be born.

During a new moon, is a perfect time for us to embrace and launch new initiatives in our lives and career, start fresh with healthy living regimes, and make positive affirmations and stick to them in the days ahead.

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