Beauty & the Breath

breathing exercises for inner vitalityDo you know it’s possible to greatly decrease stress and physical pain, and increase inner harmony by simply changing our breathing patterns?

As our breath deepens and we breathe more fully from our belly, our diaphragm relaxes, edges disappear, our emotions lighten and become calmer, our mind focuses, and we’re filled with more awareness and inner peace.

Notice the difference by breathing for a few minutes each from your upper chest, middle chest, and lower abdomen…what feels better?

Here is another simple breathing exercise, helping you move through physical pain and increase oxygen and blood flow:

  • Choose an area of your body where you’re feeling pain or tension.
  • Consciously direct your breath there, imagining you are breathing in and out of that area.
  • As you inhale, visualize and sense your tissues softening.
  • With each exhale, feel and see any darkness, fear, tension and pain release.
  • As you continue to breathe, sense oxygen bathing you in harmony, vitality and love. Feel yourself well and at ease.

You can use your breath to enter tender and vulnerable places within yourself. Keep breathing through any resistance. Use your breath to give you courage and fearlessness, to ground you in your present reality, to relax and find deeper ease. ~Deb Shapiro

When we breathe fully we are effectively declaring our desire to live fully and own our inner power. Breathe in life with us…join InnerVitality for our Sunday Hiking & Meditation Retreats throughout southern Ontario during the spring and summer!

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