Blissful Meditation

inner vitality and blissI share this simple and beautiful meditation from A Woman’s Book of Meditation, by Hari Kaur Khalsa. It is described as a “meditation for love without attachment, for kindness, forgiveness, sweetness, and knowing that God is within you”. That sure sounds like bliss to me…and by the way, guys will enjoy it too!

Getting Started:
• Have someone read the meditation to you or record it into a tape recorder to play back to yourself
• If it’s comfortable, sit in Sukhasana (a.k.a. Easy Pose: Sit cross-legged with a straight spine. You can add a blanket under your seat to relieve any pressure)
• Place your left hand in Gyan Mudra (touch the tip of your index finger to the tip of your thumb) & rest your left wrist on your left knee
• Cover your right nostril with your right thumb & breathe deeply thru your left nostril
• Concentrate at the top of your head


After this day, if I have had any negativity toward any soul, consciously or unconsciously, I now forgive and I am kind to the whole universe. I am I am and I am a kind being. I am I am I am a beautiful being, a great being, a truthful being.

Kindness and love. I am filled with it. That is what I am. All love, all kindness, all love, all sweetness, all sweetness, all smiles. I am I am.

I came to go. I go to come. I am a free being. I don’t want any attachments. Attachments will make me heavy. I want to be light. I am I am I am very light, light, light, lighther than a feather, lighter than a rose petal, lighter than anything in this room, lightest of light, lighter than light, completely light.

I am living truth. I am living reality. God is within me. Let me go within and see God. God is in me and let me go within and see God. God the creator, the Creator of the universe. That is what I am. I am pure, pure, pure manifestation of God.

Coming Back:
• Now inhale, exhale & relax

*Copyright © 2006 by Hari Kaur Khalsa.

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