Let’s Get Grounded

So, what are the tell-tale signs that you could benefit from some grounding?

Struggling for survival.
Frequently blissed out.
Abandonment issues.
Financial concerns.
Stressed out.
Adrenally over-loaded.
Always tired.
Can’t sleep.
Not feeling present.
Stumbling or tripping often.
Stiff legs.
Frequently crossing/wrapping your legs.
Issues relating to the base of the spine or rectum.
Always in fight or flight mode.

Read on for some helpful tips!

tips for the root chakraGrounding Breaths
Begin to breathe in and out through your nose to connect with the earth element. On the exhale, feel the earth pulling your body’s magnetic field towards it. On the inhale, feel the magnetic field of your body drawing the earth’s field into it. Breathe in vitality, and breathe out what you no longer need.

Help from Mother Earth
The earth mother is a very wise and compassionate soul, who knows how to balance herself, and offer guidance to humanity and all of her creatures. When we honour and align with her we experience increased harmony, balance, and vitality. Connect with mother earth through your intention. You can even imagine you are entering the picture above: As you step over the edge of the image into the landscape, notice the woman lying on the earth. Is this you, perhaps, or mother earth? Notice the scent in the air. Feel the forest floor. Hear the sounds of the earth. Let your heartbeat sync with the heartbeat of the earth. Feel the earth mother’s protection and love. Express your gratitude. Open yourself to her higher wisdom and healing.

Nature Walk
Imagine you are being bathed in all the earthy colours you witness. Break a lump of dirt with your fingers. Run your hand over wheat in a field. Sit in a rock garden. Smell garden mould. Imagine how trees push their roots deep into the ground for nourishment. Feel yourself infused, at one, and purified by the energy of the earth.

Balance your Root/Base Chakra
A balancing tip you can try on your own is to visualize a red glass sphere at the base of your spine…imagine it growing larger and clearer, spinning freely and glowing more bright.

InnerVitality, Toronto, offers energy therapy such as Reiki, Subtle Aromatherapy or Chakra Balancing/Cording to help clear, align, and balance your root/base chakra. Benefits include feeling more relaxed, grounded, stable, strong, secure and rested. You may also follow these links to more on chakras, as well as healing crystals.

Exercise to Root Down
If your knees and spine allow, performing a repetition of 3-4 squats daily can help you feel more grounded, since your centre of gravity and the base of your spine are closer to the earth. Any stagnant energy in the lower body is stirred up with this movement.

Meditation Tips
Meditation today is about connecting fully to heaven and earth, and exploring even more of who we are, rather than blissing out or escaping reality. At the start of your meditation, it’s helpful to imagine you’re growing tree roots into mother earth from your feet, and your body stretching upwards towards father sky. We achieve a higher vibratory rate while meditating, and if you feel a little dizzy/ungrounded afterwards, place your right hand on your crown, and left hand at the base of your spine to ground down any excess energy. Over time, you will be able to incorporate an increasingly higher and more peaceful frequency into daily living, while remaining firmly rooted in physical reality.

If you’d like to check out our upcoming Toronto Meditation offerings…InnerVitality warmly welcomes you!

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