The Gift of Crisis

vitality torontoWhen the rug is pulled out from underneath us we are forced to get out our gardening tools and start digging again, cultivating our own life and dreams. Everything that requires transformation to fully accept new energies and a higher way of living is coming to the surface for all of us. Although unwelcome and difficult, crisis can be the very thing that assists us in growing forward in more joy.

Our reward is that we often transform ourselves not despite crises, but because of it. This empowering truth is reinforced in Laura Day’s transformational book, Welcome to Your Crises. Whether you (or someone you know) is going through a health, relationship or economic crisis, it’s full of supportive practices and moving quotes… “Through this process of moving thru crises, you’ll find yourself and the key to the most wonderful life you can have!”

Holistic Health Tips:

  • 1. Take a few moments every morning to relax into your Divine self.
  • 2. Breathe through all your chakras. See them grow brighter and balance.
  • 3. Do some hand-written journalling. This physical action with your hands helps get what’s inside out, freeing it from your body as well.
  • 4. From Laura Day: As you move through crises, periodically ask yourself: ‘Who am I?’ Don’t be surprised if your answer changes!

“You let go of what doesn’t serve you when you go through these crises. Do not do that in your life which feels like resistance. Do only that which, even if it seems painful to do, you know is the right thing to do for you. All transformations lead to joy, understanding, and soul growth.” FROM SATYASOUL (OUR ANGELIC BLOG): Transformational Path of the Soul >>

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