Identify Your Energy Drains

boost your vitalityReleasing what’s stagnant or remains unfinished in our life can free us to reclaim the power of NOW. Here are three ways you may be draining yourself and how to restore your energy for optimal wellness:

1. Commit to finish those lurking items on your ‘to do’ list. Identify your top 5 unfinished projects and take inventory of how much energy dissipates there, limiting your sense of vitality.

2. If a certain person always leaves you feeling drained, it’s time for an honest heart-to heart, or to politely limit your interaction by stating the amount of time you have to chat.

3. Conversely, if you aren’t feeling great about a past deed, and cannot contact the person involved, choose an action now to symbolically make amends.

~Article by Kerri McCutcheon

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