Go Aerial Not Serial

Releasing the Old & Manifesting the New

A guest message from Sarah Biermann: May 2, 2012

letting goWe’re now fully into the year 2012 and boy are we feeling it. Everything is speeding up. We really have to “shift or get off the pot!” Anything that doesn’t serve us as we go forward in the Transformation (Ascension) has got to be released. It’s like the old adage, You have to clean out your closet, getting rid of clothes that don’t fit, or you don’t wear anymore, in order to make room for new clothes.

Some of the ‘clothes’ that we are clearing include:

  • Jobs that we’ve wanted to leave for a long time (but didn’t because of money or some other reason).
  • Relationships that just don’t fit anymore; friends, family, co-workers, lovers and even pets and plants. We have less tolerance for the boring, soap-opera level conversation of the majority of the population. I mean, really! You may notice that even people who you thought were ‘spiritual’ are intolerable.
  • Where we live, who we live with and how our homes are organized.
  • What we eat and drink. The way our bodies metabolize food is changing. This can lead to digestive discomfort, blood sugar irregularities and fatigue and/or sleeping difficulties.
  • Lifestyle habits. Since those people we used to spend time with are now aliens (and not in a good way), what do we do and where do we go.
  • Belief systems of all sorts; about our selves, our families, our bodies, the social, financial, religious and medical/healing institutions.
  • Definitions of self; some of these definitions are not liked so well, like being the person everybody dumps their crap on, and some are ones that we’ve really loved, like being a healer or a ‘nice person.’
  • Ways of communicating (including my personal experience of ‘clearing’ my old website). We’re moving away from the Internet toward the Innernet.
  • Old emotional/psychological hurts that often manifest in our bodies.

Sometimes it’s easy to give away or throw away the clothes that no longer work for us. Sometimes the Universe rips it from your hands, kicking and screaming. Either way, they’ve got to go. We signed up for this transformation process and we’re well on our way. There’s no turning back now and who would really want to after all we’ve been through already!

Another way of looking at it is that we are raising our vibrations, and the vibration of the planet. Anything that is not in harmony with the higher vibration is coming bubbling up to the surface.

Our bodies are transforming in so many ways. This is not a process that will be complete in our lifetimes, but probably over several generations. When we were born we had to physically match the planetary frequency enough that we could exist here. Think of a deep-sea fish. If you brought it to the surface of the sea it would explode, literally. But if that fish were to rise slowly, and have baby fish at the higher elevation, they would adapt. This process continues through the generations. My parents tried with some success to break free from the dense, dysfunctional families that raised them. Though I had far from the perfect childhood, it was better than how they were treated. Those of us born in the 1940s, 50s and 60s have taken on the role of the ice-breaker in the front of a train. We’ve had to be tough as steel to open the path for the ones to come. Those born in the 70s and early 80s had more freedom as the Transformation had been initiated and they didn’t have to break as much ice. The children born since the late 1980s are very different than the ones born before. (These are generalities, of course, based on my looking at those souls who are going forward in the New Energy. There are always variations and exceptions.)

When I looked at what my body was like energetically at the time I was born, it looked like I had a 4-inch thick, dense black coating all around me. Gradually, over many years (and lots of work on myself) the coating thinned and eventually the light within has been able to shine out. When I looked at my own children, I saw a thin, translucent coating. It contained the light somewhat, but even at birth they were able to shine! No wonder my kids are having an easier time adjusting to the higher frequencies, they don’t have the low-frequency gunk that those of us born in earlier decades had to wear and work hard to clean off.

Keep in mind that your soul isn’t at a lower frequency. You chose to take on the density in order to be here now and play a leadership part in the Transformation. The dark gunk is nothing more that a heavy, soaking wet wool coat that isn’t who you really are. (I’m sticking with the clothing/closet analogy.) If your soul weren’t bright, strong and dedicated, you wouldn’t have been born when you were. And you wouldn’t be reading this right now!

Our brains are going through a major change. Parts that have been dormant are reawakening and the two hemispheres are reconnecting. The previously dormant parts are areas where we process our ever-expanding senses, way beyond the 6th Sense. It’s more like 60 senses, at least!

Hint: To ease the transformation in your brain you can expand it. Take a couple of deep breaths and focus on your body. Imagine and feel that your body (especially your brain and skull) and the air you are breathing are made up of waves of light. Take a big breath and as you blow out through pursed lips imagine and feel the waves of light that make up you head expanding out. I usually find that I feel like rolling my head and sometimes yawning, which releases tension, after this.

But the most important change is the brain connecting with the heart. I worked with many clients over the last few years who have had energetic implants in the lower throat area. The function of these implants was to interfere with the communication and connection between the head and the heart. It also limited the ability to communicate heart-centered information. When the implant was removed, there would be a rush of warm energy between the head and heart. It got easier to speak from a place of wisdom and to feel confident in that wisdom.

And this connection is also necessary to use the newly awakening senses. Many years ago, while stuck in stop-and-go traffic, I noticed a lenticular cloud floating alone in a mostly blue sky with just a few wispy clouds in the distance. I thought, “I wonder if there’s a ship in that cloud?” I shifted my vision from 3-D to I-D (Inter-Dimensional) and was able to perceive that there was a ship in the cloud. I sent greetings and they responded. We communicated (though not with words) for a while. They wanted to know how I could perceive them and I didn’t really have an answer, I just do. (We had an interesting communication, which is not imperative to this article.) I was distracted when the traffic started moving and when I stopped the car again, I looked back and knew that the ship wasn’t there anymore. Within a few minutes the cloud had disappeared!

This made me start questioning how I actually do perceive ETs, fairies, Ascended Masters, etc. From where does that vision originate? Logically, I expected it to be from the Third Eye in the center of my forehead, but that wasn’t the case. I was able to see from my heart area, which sent that vision to my mind. This wasn’t something that I learned. The best I could describe it that I remembered how to do it. I had cleared implants from my throat area, so maybe that just opened the pathway from my heart to my head. I think my heart had been perceiving all along and I just didn’t know it mentally.

So here we are, cleaning out our ‘closets’ and ‘basements’, which you know can be intense. It can be moldy and rotten down there. The lower frequency, shadow stuff is constantly bubbling to the surface and as the bubbles pop the smell can be really bad, bleh! The shadow is made up of suppress emotions and beliefs that go with them. The lowest frequency emotion (and so the one we all have to clean out) is shame. Shame is truly a disgusting feeling. It can literally make you nauseated. To release the shadow emotions you have to be willing to feel them. They wouldn’t be in storage, hidden in your basement or the back of your closet if you hadn’t been avoiding them.

Remember, the old stuff that is clearing now is just old stuff. It’s not YOU. Do not get caught up in what’s happening. The Old Energy wants you to doubt yourself; to doubt your inner wisdom, your choices and your feelings. People will tell you that you’re weird, confused or just wrong. When the majority of your friends, family, co-workers, teachers, bankers, doctors, etc. are doing their best to impose their version of reality on you it’s challenging to stay in your truth. This year is a turning point.

One morning I asked, “What’s the most important thing we need to remember or do to ease this process?” I heard, “Go aerial not serial.” I knew this meant to rise above the drama instead of going crazy and becoming a serial killer.

We must rise above any polarized beliefs (good and bad, right and wrong, light and dark, solitude and relationship, kindness and cruelty, do and be, pursue and withdraw, give and take) and embrace the whole as being simply experience, without judgment. Become the ‘third point of light’ created from the integration of polarity.

Guest message above copyright © 2012 Sarah Biermann: Teacher, Intuitive Counselor, Energy Healer, Writer and Artist | Visit Sarah’s website at www.imagi-creation.com or email sarah@limitless-one.com.

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