Oh, But You CAN!

egoAre negative ideas or words stuck on replay within you?

Break the pattern by making a conscious commitment to eliminate ‘can’t, should, shouldn’t,’ and ‘try’ from your vocabulary. Health author Darren Weissman passionately relays that, “The word can’t is like having your hands and feet bound together behind your back.” Why (laughing) do we do this to ourselves?

Claim your free will and power to (re)create your life! Be vigilant that anything you say starting with ‘I’ and ‘I am’ is positive and empowering. Notice how this feels better; you only feel harmony with what is your truth. Your feelings are your guide.

If you wish to incorporate some more empowering thoughts into your daily life, check out InnerVitality’s Affirmations page, full of feel-good statements for optimal health and wellness!

Kerri McCutcheon

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