Address the Pattern, Reset Your Life!

inner vitalityWe’ve all had that aHA! moment when we suddenly see that we are the common denominator when reflecting on repetitive experiences in our life. After the initial ‘ugh’, life starts to make sense because we recognize the power we have to recreate our world, no longer the victim!

Do you always choose a demanding boss? Have you had a lot of health issues on one side of the body? Do you often feel alone in relationships? Are you having trouble meeting a specific goal or breaking an addiction?

Energy in motion stays in motion, so we need to interrupt the pattern by doing something different. Ensure energy isn’t tied up in unfinished business, and create a fresh environment around you so you can see what your next step is: Eliminate clutter, return emails promptly, change your routine, stretch your body, take walks in nature…try something new!

You may also benefit from Holographic Release, known to be a powerful treatment to release body-mind-spirit patterns and negative core beliefs. I offer this holistic service in the Toronto, Canada area if it’s of interest to you.

With love,
Kerri McCutcheon

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