The Numerology of 2013 ~ a Global 6 Year

2013 numerology2013 ushers in the numerical vibration of 6 (2+0+1+3=6). High on our global report card for a ‘6 Year’ will be to seek HARMONY, open our heart, be of service, enjoy family and friends, provide counsel, and accept responsibility for what we have created and are adding to our community and the world.

Venus is the ruler of the number 6 (as well as the astrological signs of Taurus and Libra). Other ‘6 Year’ Venusian keywords include: peace, acceptance, balance, global cooperation, family values, relationships with women and money, beauty, love, sensuality, receptivity, charity, and duty.

Each number carries energy that can be used in high or low vibration, both ends of the spectrum, abundance or lack. If we are experiencing any of the following ‘6 Year’ themes, know that we have both the heightened challenge and opportunity to transform it during 2013: a tendency to go to extremes, self-sacrifice, clinging to beliefs at any cost, intolerance, condescension, judgement, self-centredness, vanity, and overspending.

Moving forward from 2012 to 2013
Let’s review how the ‘5 Year’ of 2012 (2+0+1+2=5) played out on the world stage: CHANGE, breakdown, motion, obstacles, freedom, tests, adventure, reaction, communication, commerce, analysis, anger, intelligence, loss, and adaptation. Did ‘Shift Happen’ last year, or what?

Although the end of a World Age didn’t find us rescued from being mere mortals or saved of personal/global responsibility, we saw that nothing stays the same, everything false eventually falls away, and all that requires healing will surface. We are reminded that balance and peace in the world, begins within, and of the inherent beauty in our transformative journey as individuals, society, and planet Earth.

From Mind to Heart
Yes, humanity’s vibration is rising. Going forward, we’re more equipped to awaken the human heart, our collective idea of success can move from the ego to the inner domain, and emotions may run high. There could be a surge of Make Love, Not War with a new world spin: Be Love, Not Separation, Create Love, Not Suffering, Choose Love, Not Control, or Embody Love, Not Fear.

Family values, love relationships, and women are highlighted in 2013, and come up for further review. It is our heart sensors now that will determine what feels right, loving, balanced, and true. Relationship break-ups happening in a ‘6 Year’ may have been brewing for a while. On the other hand, making new or renewed commitments is likely for relationships aligned with mutual values; and this can be a popular year for marriage or setting up a new home.

It’s common to take on extra duties and commitments of various types in a ‘6 Year’, so set healthy boundaries and be aware of over-responsibility (or lack of responsibility). We each are but one person, and our greatest gift to others can be simply, yet profoundly, living our own truth. When we witness people caught up in Old World energies and not connected to higher truths, we can make a big difference by offering our compassion and support instead of judgement.

How, why, and where we as a nation, person, or organization place our focus, will be very revealing in how situations unfold. We are moving from power over to inner power, and whoever is leading from the heart this year will be truly magnetic, and experience the most rewards.

Also in Focus in 2013
Power is shifting into the hands of the community. What we view as our community, of course, has changed to incorporate a much larger sphere (helped by our social media revolution and expanding consciousness).

People stressed out and disenchanted by events of recent years could make great efforts to minimize chaos. Many may move off the grid completely, developing more communities who live harmoniously off (with) the land and their own resourcefulness. How we protect our resources and nurture ourselves will be in the spotlight, and we may see a renewed interest in sustainability, organics, and wellness.

2013 could bring a renaissance in music, poetry, drama, dance, fashion, interior design, and other arts. The vibration of 6 can magnetize a need for pleasant surroundings, sensuality, and a love of beautiful people and things. Increasingly, it will be necessary to spend only within our means and in accordance with our true values to feel harmony within and avert a larger debt crisis.

Our Guiding Light
Let’s be kind to ourself and others as we continue to lay the groundwork for the New Earth. Detach from fear. Clear your mind and body, and remember to pass beliefs through your heart. Together, let’s shine our heart lights into the new world!

learn numerology with inner vitality torontoHere’s to a year of heart-centred living! If you are interested in a personalized Numerology Reading (available worldwide) or InnerVitality’s Intro to Numerology Certificate course, held in Toronto, Canada, please get in touch!

With love,
Kerri McCutcheon, Founder

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