Spring Blooms & their Symbolism

flower totems

So many of us love to welcome spring by bringing fresh flowers into our home and getting out into the garden. Check out which blooms may be right for you, depending on your personality and what would bring balance to your life and home!

“Flowers are the living food of the spirit; they are the symbol of life itself.” ~Charles Masson

One of the earliest flowers to bloom in spring, its flowers are delicate and cheerful looking, but can survive strong wind and cool temperatures. Noted for survival, strength, adaptability, resistance, rebirth, awakening, and transition to adulthood. Use them to brighten up any environment and bring heavenly bliss, as well as for goals/themes requiring a big display over its 2-week peak bloom period in spring/fall.

It’s time to get inspired and see yourself in a new light. Said to relax a busy mind, ease insomnia, release self-absorption, balance sexual energies, and channel creative energy. Daffodil’s essence helps connect the subconscious with higher self, reminding of one’s innate beauty, wisdom and vitality. April in Canada is known as daffodil month in support of those living through cancer.

Symbolic of the sun, daisy is noted for aligning us with nature, and bringing comfort during grief. A totem flower for those who connect with faeries and other nature spirits, and those who wish to develop creativity and inner strength. Notice when daisy comes into your life, as it is associated with a 2-year cycle; and you may wish to plant it for assistance with a 2-year goal.

Can connect one with the spirit of youthfulness to believe all is possible. Its keynote is awakening inner beauty, and overcoming jealousy and grief. Also helpful for productivity, creativity, understanding esoteric mysteries, balancing excessive drive/force and those who wish to use gentleness as strength.

Lily of the Valley
There are strong heart associations with Lily of the Valley, from heart opening to the treatment of high blood pressure. It’s common in wedding bouquets as representative of fertility, new life, and establishing one’s place in society. It can connect us with mom or our own mothering qualities, and is useful when creativity and protection is required.

Noted for healing and artistic opportunities and abilities. Ideal for projects/ideas you wish to ‘bloom’ in late-spring (and outside of early morning hours), when the peony does. Known to distinguish females for their wit as much as their beauty; associated with aristocracy in times past. Reputed to be helpful with auric cleansing and protection, as well as shining one’s inner light outwards.

Adds support for the spring theme of moving into a new life. This trailing ground cover plant, with bluish-white flowers, encourages extending one’s efforts and not getting stuck in a rut. Associated with healing, magic, protection, renewal, love, and immortality. New rhythms await.

Noted for enthusiasm, vitality, consideration of others, and creating mental change. Ideal for aims from spring through fall, when the petunia blooms. It’s funnel-shaped flower can represent responsibility for how we express our thoughts and interact with others in our environment.

Associated with self-trust, past life connections, and success. This bloom is said to help one stand on their own, be receptive to spiritual realms and dreams, and pay attention to one’s inner voice. Its essence helps clear the mind, and reminds of the need for greater discernment and being grounded.

Helpful to simplify your life and take advantage of opportunities at hand. Ideal for those who are self-reliant (or wish to be) and who are adding new growth based on past efforts and results. Encourages a general sense of well-being, peace, modesty, and simplicity. Violet brings associations with the faerie kingdom, clear and understandable dreams, wish fulfillment, and luck.

Have a wonderful spring season!
Kerri McCutcheon

Sourced from Ted Andrews’ Nature-Speak and personal experience. Copyright © 2013 InnerVitality, All Rights Reserved | Visit InnerVitality’s website at www.InnerVitality.com and I invite you to follow me on Twitter! If you are interested in channelled messages and spiritual development tips, visit InnerVitality’s spirit blog, SatyaSoul.


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