Healing Herbal Bath Recipes

home remedyTreat yourself to a home-made herbal bath to ease a variety of conditions. I’ve included herbs for muscle aches and pains, to relieve itchy skin, and those helpful for a restful night’s sleep.

Herbal baths are simple to prepare by adding 4 litres of boiling water to (generally) 200 to 500g of dried herbs, letting it infuse for 30 minutes, then straining out the herb and adding the herbal water to a full bath.

Alternatively you can fill a muslin pouch with a handful of dried herbs, and let it hang under the pouring hot water faucet as you fill your tub. Then add cold water until the bath is at a comfortable temperature before you step in to soak.

In choosing a herb and the recommended quantity for you, seek the advice of a trained professional (often found at your local herbal farm or store). Since you’ll be soaking in the scent of this herb…you may wish to smell it too!

For Restful Sleep
Lime Blossom, Elder Flowers, Chamomile, Valerian (combine with pleasant-scented herb) or Lavender

To Relieve Itchy Skin
Chickweed or Oats

If You Have Muscle Pain
Nettle, Lobelia or Cramp Bark

Note: Articles are not intended as medical advice or cure. Please ensure there are no contraindications to your health; it is recommended that herbs are only used for a maximum of 8 weeks at a time, followed by 2 weeks off. | Copyright © 2013 InnerVitality, All rights reserved | Visit our website at www.InnerVitality.com and we invite you to follow us on Twitter!


Make Your Own Lavender Herbal Mist

healing herbsThis herbal concoction is ideal for skin care, with Lavender’s gentle rubefacient properties (brings blood to the surface, helpful in healing and in the regeneration of healthy cells) and mild antimicrobial action (which can inhibit bacteria and pimples). Simply spray it on your face after cleansing.

Lavender is also a known tonic for the nervous system, so close your eyes and use this relaxing mist the next time you have a stress headache!

What You’ll Need:

  • 4 oz or 100 ml spring water
  • 2 tbsp of dried lavender flowers (or 4 tbsp fresh)
  • pestle & mortar
  • heat source
  • glass bowl, with a lid (or cover)
  • strainer (or coffee filter or muslin cloth)
  • spray pump bottle

Here’s the Recipe:

  • Grind lavender with pestle and mortar and put in glass bowl.
  • Gently add 100 ml boiling water.
  • Cover and let steep for one hour or longer.
  • Strain out herb and pour liquid into a spray pump bottle.
  • Label and keep in fridge up to 2 weeks.

Note: Please ensure there are no contraindications to your health; it is recommended that herbs are only used for a maximum of 8 weeks at a time, followed by 2 weeks off. Articles are not intended as medical advice or cure. | Copyright © 2013 InnerVitality, All rights reserved | Visit our website at www.InnerVitality.com and we invite you to follow us on Twitter!

Spring Blooms & their Symbolism

flower totems

So many of us love to welcome spring by bringing fresh flowers into our home and getting out into the garden. Check out which blooms may be right for you, depending on your personality and what would bring balance to your life and home!

“Flowers are the living food of the spirit; they are the symbol of life itself.” ~Charles Masson

One of the earliest flowers to bloom in spring, its flowers are delicate and cheerful looking, but can survive strong wind and cool temperatures. Noted for survival, strength, adaptability, resistance, rebirth, awakening, and transition to adulthood. Use them to brighten up any environment and bring heavenly bliss, as well as for goals/themes requiring a big display over its 2-week peak bloom period in spring/fall.

It’s time to get inspired and see yourself in a new light. Said to relax a busy mind, ease insomnia, release self-absorption, balance sexual energies, and channel creative energy. Daffodil’s essence helps connect the subconscious with higher self, reminding of one’s innate beauty, wisdom and vitality. April in Canada is known as daffodil month in support of those living through cancer.

Symbolic of the sun, daisy is noted for aligning us with nature, and bringing comfort during grief. A totem flower for those who connect with faeries and other nature spirits, and those who wish to develop creativity and inner strength. Notice when daisy comes into your life, as it is associated with a 2-year cycle; and you may wish to plant it for assistance with a 2-year goal.

Can connect one with the spirit of youthfulness to believe all is possible. Its keynote is awakening inner beauty, and overcoming jealousy and grief. Also helpful for productivity, creativity, understanding esoteric mysteries, balancing excessive drive/force and those who wish to use gentleness as strength.

Lily of the Valley
There are strong heart associations with Lily of the Valley, from heart opening to the treatment of high blood pressure. It’s common in wedding bouquets as representative of fertility, new life, and establishing one’s place in society. It can connect us with mom or our own mothering qualities, and is useful when creativity and protection is required.

Noted for healing and artistic opportunities and abilities. Ideal for projects/ideas you wish to ‘bloom’ in late-spring (and outside of early morning hours), when the peony does. Known to distinguish females for their wit as much as their beauty; associated with aristocracy in times past. Reputed to be helpful with auric cleansing and protection, as well as shining one’s inner light outwards.

Adds support for the spring theme of moving into a new life. This trailing ground cover plant, with bluish-white flowers, encourages extending one’s efforts and not getting stuck in a rut. Associated with healing, magic, protection, renewal, love, and immortality. New rhythms await.

Noted for enthusiasm, vitality, consideration of others, and creating mental change. Ideal for aims from spring through fall, when the petunia blooms. It’s funnel-shaped flower can represent responsibility for how we express our thoughts and interact with others in our environment.

Associated with self-trust, past life connections, and success. This bloom is said to help one stand on their own, be receptive to spiritual realms and dreams, and pay attention to one’s inner voice. Its essence helps clear the mind, and reminds of the need for greater discernment and being grounded.

Helpful to simplify your life and take advantage of opportunities at hand. Ideal for those who are self-reliant (or wish to be) and who are adding new growth based on past efforts and results. Encourages a general sense of well-being, peace, modesty, and simplicity. Violet brings associations with the faerie kingdom, clear and understandable dreams, wish fulfillment, and luck.

Have a wonderful spring season!
Kerri McCutcheon

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2013 Keys to Healing & Balance

A guest message from Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

Hello friends. Welcome to 2013 – the Year of the Water Snake. After talking to a few people who have expressed some concerns, I decided to explore the topic of healing and balance. For many, 2012 was a difficult, even traumatic year. There were also many people that transitioned in 2012, and some of these were young people, or others who death came at a great shock. There have also been losses of other kinds due to economics, unemployment, natural disasters and other issues. The challenge for many of us is to stay *present* and not to get lost in energies of thoughts of the past while still being open to the truth of what we are feeling, as denial is not conducive to healing.

I see the Snake Medicine that 2013 brings can be of great benefit to us. On the high side of this energy it is all about healing, magic, higher consciousness and transformation. Since 2010 especially, we have been undergoing a significant transformation personally and collectively. It will continue to important to avoid the low/shadow side of the Snake energy which is related to deception, indolence, trickery and ‘taking the easy way out’ spiritually, through manipulative or otherwise nefarious means. By now we have gotten used to doing the work that true spiritual growth requires, so we have had some good training and preparation for this time.

In my work with the Akashic Wisdom Keepers over the years I have been shown something called the Physical Avatar. This is an energetic structure in Spirit that works with the emotional and physical health of a person and is highly intelligent and dynamic. It is an aspect of the Oversoul that is outside of mind and emotion and can often see the bigger picture or lesson of what is going on. As we evolve and grow as human beings as part of our awakening process we no longer have to be victim to illness of dis-ease, and have tools to get at the root of the problem: whether it be genetic, karmic, mental and so forth.

I have also been in communication with the General Physical Avatar of the All in the Akashic Records and it shared this helpful information for our benefit:

    1. The challenge of 2013 is to *release* all that has gone before. To allow yourself to grieve and feel, as it is important to not deny emotion, but it is also important to not *dwell* in them either.

    2. Clean and pure WATER will be especially significant as a cleanser of toxins out of the body and also out of the planet. In the physical body the organs related to water are the bladder and kidneys. According to Chinese Medicine these organs are related to anger and fear, so it will also be important to keep emotional balance in those areas; not only personally, but collectively also.

    3. Gathering the Heart: 2013 is a Universal ‘6’ Year which rules harmony, compassion and goodwill towards others. Generating heart power through compassion, meditation, light work and service to others will be keys to not only our own health and happiness, but also for the all.

    4. It is important to continue to MOVE energies out of the body via exercise and also spiritual means. Excessive fatigue (if not related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or other medical issues) is often a sign that the body may be bogged down with too much energetic material to process. The cleaner we can keep our energy field, the better. While this is especially important to the empathic and highly sensitive, it will also be increasingly important to everyone; as the new, higher frequencies impacting planet are continuing to affect us and our spiritual process of transformation. I have shared a technique below to assist in this area.

Physical Avatar Technique of Chakra & Aura Cleansing

    1. Set sacred space by burning sage or cedar, lighting a candle, etc. Be sure to shut off cell phones and find a quiet working space where you will not be disturbed.

    2. Say aloud or through intention: “I invoke my Physical Avatar that holds the knowledge of my optimum health to oversee this session. I call upon my highest level Angels, Guides and Loved Ones to be present with me also. I am open to any and all information that they wish to share with me today. I set this sacred space with divine intention for my highest and best health on all levels: emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.”

    3. Starting at the Crown Chakra (on top of the head), intend that *any* and *all* mis-qualified energies, emotions and thought forms that are no longer serving the highest loving context for your life, be released to the Violet Flame of Transmutation. This also includes the emotions and thought forms of others (this is especially important for those that identify as empathic and/or highly sensitive.)

    Nautilus Shell4. Go through each chakra (energy center of the body). Do not rush and take your time with this. Allow any emotion to come up and out, and do your best to not judge any of this material as it appears to you. Have paper and pen nearby to jot down any intuitive impressions you may receive in the session. The symbol that I was given for this process is the nautilus shell (depicted here). Feel free to use this symbol in this process as you are so guided.

    5. Now visualize and/or intend that the highest frequency healing light is circling through your aura in a front-to-back motion. White, gold and/or violet are good color rays to work with as they are of a universal and high frequency, but please do work with whatever color you are guided to for you. Start at the head and going down the front of your body all the way to the Earth Star Chakra in the earth below your feet and back up again. Sit with these energies as long as you are guided.

    6. When you feel complete, thank the light beings and your Physical Avatar for being present, and close the session. It is a positive practice to dedicate the work to all sentient beings, or otherwise offer a blessing for all.

I do hope you enjoy this process and find it helpful. Please feel free to share your impressions and experiences with me.

Guest message copyright © Irma Kaye Sawyer 2011-2013. Please feel free to share this message as you are guided, including author and copyright information. Thank you.

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Rise & Shine!

lemon waterBe gentle on your adrenals and digestive system (that can get oh so stressed when we are) and drink a glass of fresh juice or water with lemon first thing in the morning.

An excellent way to hydrate, wake up, and perk up the body naturally prior to the more jarring effects of coffee/caffeine. Rise and shine!

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Getting Warm on the Inside

WARMTH TIP | You Are What you Eat
warm teaIf you’re often chilled in the winter, top up on warm foods. Eliminate iced drinks and raw foods for a while, and keep your insides nurtured with hot beverages and cooked seasonal foods, including lots of root vegetables.

Keep it up until you feel warm on the inside! :)

By Kerri McCutcheon, copyright © 2011 InnerVitality, All Rights Reserved | Visit InnerVitality’s website at www.InnerVitality.com and I invite you to follow me on Twitter!