Throwing Energy

A guest message from Jim Self

energy exchangeMany years ago, when I first began my conversations with the archangels and ascended masters, Master Kuthumi said to me: “To enter and remain in the fifth dimension you must master every thought, every emotion, and every action. Every moment.” Cautiously, and with great respect (and without grimacing or rolling my eyes), I replied, “Well, it looks like I won’t be entering the fifth dimension anytime soon.” Kuthumi smiled and said, “We shall see.”

Thus began the pathway we call Mastering Alchemy—the pathway to master ourselves so that we may enter and remain in higher levels of consciousness. How you respond to the quickly increasing noise and drama during this Shift is a wonderful and consistent training ground for becoming masterful.

How do you respond to an unexpected situation? Do you absorb it and let it affect you physically or emotionally? Do you internalize it as stress? Do you react and complain? Are you sarcastic? Demanding? Do you cut the person off at the knees and reject them? (All third dimensional reactions.) And then how do you respond when someone else reacts and throws energy?

Do you match them, go down to their level, and throw back? Or do you take a break and see that they are revealing a great deal about their own pain? Pain speaks very loudly sometimes.

Email exchanges can be a fun place for watching energy being thrown, and for watching if you throw it, too. Emails to businesses are somewhat ‘anonymous,’ and therefore easy to hide behind. Notice if you forget there may be real live people with feelings (and intense issues going on in their office) on the other side of that ‘send’ button. Apologizing for your lousy behavior can be more difficult than managing it in the first place. The drafts folder is there for a reason. Write it once, save it, and read it out loud later.

How are you presenting yourself?
Machine Gun Irritation: Send a progression of five complaining emails, minutes apart (around midnight is best), each expecting an instant response. Be sure each one gets louder and bolder and redder and nastier. No need to apologize for your behavior when you are helped that afternoon. You are the customer after all.

Cut Them Off at the Knees: Complain and threaten to quit and ‘take them to court’ if you don’t get your money back. You’ll get faster help and maybe extra gifts.

Sarcasm: It is very easy to throw this energy in emails. If the recipient calls you on it, you can always blame the innate troubles of email communication.

Poor Me: Act like a victim. “I’ve just lost my job/house/mind. I have cancer/leprosy/ emergency.” If you can make them feel sorry for you (it is not your fault you are in this situation), you might get extra attention, scholarships, and free gifts.

Hider: When the unexpected situation arises, do not do anything at all. It was probably your mistake/misunderstanding/bad vibes that caused it. Go eat some chocolate and drink a beer. The company is probably too busy to bother with you anyway.

Ripples on a Still Lake: When one throws energy, it creates a ripple effect. This is very much like the concentric circles that form when you toss a pebble into a still lake. Ripples are created that move out to touch and influence others. If I were to punch you (throw negative energy at you), you might turn to the man sitting next to you and punch him. He then turns to the woman sitting next to him and insults her. She carries that energy around with her until she gets home. She then yells at her son, who then kicks the dog, who then… you get the picture.

Because I began that ripple by throwing energy at you, it is my responsibility to clean it up. Not an easy thing to do when, by the next day, tens of people (or more) have been affected by my rippling energy.

We have all thrown energy at others in our lives. During this time of Shift, it is now urgently important to become aware of and change this habit in ourselves. It is possible to master every thought, every emotion, and every action. Every moment.

Your job is to be a big, solid boulder in the rippling lake. You are the boulder that keeps the ripple from continuing to touch others. The master neither passes the energy along to others, nor absorbs it into her space. The master transmutes the thrown energy and gives it back to the giver in a higher vibration of kindness, upliftment, and grace.

First, be the example of what you want to experience more of.

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Rise & Shine!

lemon waterBe gentle on your adrenals and digestive system (that can get oh so stressed when we are) and drink a glass of fresh juice or water with lemon first thing in the morning.

An excellent way to hydrate, wake up, and perk up the body naturally prior to the more jarring effects of coffee/caffeine. Rise and shine!

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Getting Warm on the Inside

WARMTH TIP | You Are What you Eat
warm teaIf you’re often chilled in the winter, top up on warm foods. Eliminate iced drinks and raw foods for a while, and keep your insides nurtured with hot beverages and cooked seasonal foods, including lots of root vegetables.

Keep it up until you feel warm on the inside! :)

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Numerology for 2012!


2012 personal year number#5 Global Year
The long-heralded 2012 ushers in the vibration of 5 (2+0+1+2=5). Numerology reveals we will be desiring, creating and experiencing a global influence of freedom, change (YES more!), creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, communication, sensuality and adventure. Increasingly, it will be necessary for us to find ways to break free of what restricts us and re-balance ourselves and stay flexible amidst ongoing change…to experience the ultimate ecstasy of transformation and truly live fully while centred in love. Passionate pursuits, entertainment and pleasure-seeking will be big this year, but of course must be soul-aligned rather than destructive/escapist to bring harmony. Everything in the world that is not built on a foundation (the 4 energy of 2011) of love, truth, and freedom…will be tested and shaken up in a large way, most definitely talked about, and will have the opportunity and need to be recreated. All that is created and exists on a solid foundation…has the opportunity to soar to new heights this year.

For lightworkers, 2012 can be the year you achieve incredible results more and more consciously living in the 5D reality of love, and embark on some fascinating multidimensional adventures while still grounded in reality. Spirit communication can take on new clarity and creativity. Embrace change, adaptability, flexibility…wherever you’re experiencing resistance, know that you’re meant to let go, so something even better (more aligned with who you are) can manifest in your life! Let go of the idea that you must sacrifice yourself and give your left arm to secure the New Earth. The New Earth is already here…and you are free! This is the way you can be a teacher and reach the most people this year. You are a magnificent creator experiencing all that you expect to and believe is possible. Don’t allow yourself to be falsely limited. Express who you truly are! Gather with a community of like-minds and chat about your experiences, inspire each other, see love everywhere. Show love to mother earth and all creatures, those you feel different from, and especially to those that are lost and are not in a place of love or positivity…because it is love that unites us and creates a tidal wave of immense positive change! The power of love is palpable. ♥ 2012 is the year where anything left that is false falls away, and we can soar to our ultimate potential!

To decipher the numerological influence 2012 will bring you to you personally, calculate your Personal Year Number…here’s how! Simply add the month and day of your birthday to the current calendar year, then reduce the result to a single digit number.

For example, someone with a birthdate of December 8 would be in a #7 Personal Year in 2012 (12+08+2012=16=1+6=7). Showing more detail, a birthdate of April 18 would be calculated as (birth month of year + birth day of month + current year =04+18+2012 =4+9+5 =18 =1+8 =9) a #9 Personal Year.

View the chart below to see the meaning of your Personal Year Number. Tips are listed, as well as symbols you can connect with in meditation, to harmoniously align with the energies and opportunities available for you in 2012!

#1 Personal Year
• Keywords: New beginnings, leadership, take charge, launch forward, determination, independence, self-promotion, let ideas take root, treat everyone equally, cultivate oneness
• Symbols: Sun, God/Goddess/Divine, universe/cosmos, circle, centre, purest tone
• How to Align: Last year (a 9 for you) likely saw major endings/completions in the very foundation of your life…you will be making fresh new steps now based on what you discovered last year. Anything you mastered in the full cycle of 9 numbers, you may be called to step forward as a leader in now. If you’ve had difficulty putting your own needs on your to do list, this personal 1 year brings tremendous drive and support in that regard and an opportunity to boost your self-confidence too. Launch forward in creating the life/projects/goals you personally choose, without ego and in a very conscious and All is One kind of way. Go get ’em!

#2 Personal Year
• Keywords: Stay calm, practice diplomacy, favoured partnerships, get rest, exercise patience, teamwork, acquire knowledge, cultivate peace, collect resources, cooperate
• Symbols: Moon, pair, line, 2 points, 2 circles, coin (2 sides), opposites, masculine-feminine, up-down, front-back
• How to Align: 2011 (a 1 year for you) likely saw you taking leadership action and initiative in the areas of health, home, security, education, stability…you’ll have the opportunity in 2012 to find more peace, emotional support, act as a team, and cultivate resources in these areas. You’ll be called upon to learn/exercise patience and trust your gut amidst global or personal change and seeming chaos. Remember to nurture yourself, move through your emotions rather than suppress them, and engage in fun/uplifting activities. Relationships thrive this year through diplomacy, balance, sensuality, and flexibility. Feel your way.

#3 Personal Year
• Keywords: Cultivate joy, creative expression, take a holiday, see love all around you, self-confidence, have fun, entertain, spread optimism
• Symbols: trinity, triad, triangle, stool (3 legs), past-present-future, body-mind-spirit
• How to Align: In 2011 (a 2 for you), you likely did some deep inner healing work and may have seen changes in a partnership. You were supported in getting in touch with who you are and developing your intuitive gifts. Now in a personal 3 year, you are being given the cosmic push to pursue creativity, fun, travel adventures, and freer expression. While doing so, remember to treat yourself with love…excess will have even bigger fallout now. Whenever you witness fear-based thinking…you have the opportunity to play a very powerful role in spreading optimism and creating positive change. Live in joy.

#4 Personal Year
• Keywords: Get to work, be practical, build the foundation, find cheer, take care of health, solve problems, constructive rewards, self-discipline, follow schedules, take inventory
• Symbols: Earth, 2 pairs, house, square, quarters, horses (4 legs)
• How to Align: Last year was a personal 3 year for you and you were influenced to build your life based on what truly made you happy and let go of outmoded traditional ways of being in the world. 2011 had the global influence of 4, and interestingly here you are in 2012 in your personal year 4 cycle, so you can apply what you saw happen globally to your personal life now. Build solid foundations in your life through self-discipline and create parameters to effectively adapt to change. Embrace creative new ideas to bring opportunity to health, education, and commerce/investments. The universe is alive and full of seasons…if you allow flexibility, along with necessary structure, you have just the right combo to grow! Embrace the continuity of change.

#5 Personal Year
• Keywords: Embrace change, freedom, communicate, commerce, discard outmoded ideas, look your best, drop a habit, be original, take calculated risks, be open to new experiences, sensuality, creativity, recreate your life
• Symbols: pentagon, 5-pointed star, 5 fingers & toes
• How to Align: Last year (a 4 for you) you were asked to rebuild and find practical ways to enhance your life, and rewarded wherever you applied self-discipline. In 2012 (5 energy), and a 5 personal year, the rewards will come from creative pursuits, communication, entrepreneurial ideas, and adaptability, while maintaining what you personally need to feel secure. You more than any other number will experience the world around you as your mirror. If you’re experiencing extreme resistance…lighten up or build some discipline. If your outer world is full of excitement, possibility and adventure, AND your feet are on the ground… you’re right on track! Stay rooted in complete flow.

#6 Personal Year
• Keywords: Be of service, maintain harmony, provide counsel, enjoy family and friends, accept responsibility, marriage/home highlighted, musicality, maintain standards
• Symbols: 6 directions of 3D, hexagon, snowflakes, quartz, insects (6 legs)
• How to Align: 2011 brought you a personal 5 year, so you likely have some insight on how to adapt to a global 5 year (2012). You have learned that you must be flexible, take calculated risks, and find your true expression to ultimately grow…and now in a personal 6 year, you will find ways to maintain harmony amidst change. If you have been wanting to launch a creative venture, it could really move others now. It’s time to take responsible action…in your marriage/home, with family/friends, and the community at large. Don’t be surprised if you’re called to be of service in the stewardship of love. Harmony lights the way.

#7 Personal Year
• Keywords: Keep the faith, find flow, inner reflection, preparation, self-analysis, travel, meditation, education, soul growth, time for self, discovery
• Symbols: 7 days, 7 major chakras, labyrinth (7 coils)
• How to Align: In 2011 (a 6 for you), you discovered that it was harmony and love that built true security in your life and gave the most to others. In 2012, you are inspired to delve into the mysteries of life, discover new worlds, and explore deep truths while maintaining this harmony/security. Travel inwards. Research exotic lands. Explore the intricacies of a subject/hobby you adore. Remember to hug a tree when you feel a need to ground yourself, get your nose out of the book to see the beauty that’s right in front of you, and speak up about all of the truths you’re discovering as your wisdom is needed. Embark on an inner and outer adventure.

#8 Personal Year
• Keywords: Harvest time, achievement, readiness, go for it, abundance, business advancement, organization and honesty rewarded
• Symbols: octagon, cube, 2 squares, octahedron, I-Ching (8 trigrams), spider (8 legs), octopus (8 tentacles)
• How to Align: Last year (a 7 for you) likely involved a deep mystical search and exploration of what truths you want to build your life and health/family routines around. This personal 8 year brings tremendous rewards where you have been and are taking soulful action. Stay adaptable by entertaining others’ ideas, through creativity, and letting go of excess structure and red-tape. If you’ve been running your career/life based on ethical principles for some time now, and are able to flow with rhythm of the times, you can experience soaring financial and other success/abundance this year. Show the world how powerful we all are. Create the world you live in.

#9 Personal Year
• Keywords: Completion, fulfillment, compassion, kinship, satisfaction, spring-cleaning, review it, let go, endings, make room for new beginnings.
• Symbols: 9 orders of angels, 9 worlds, 9 muses, 9 lives, 9 3D-shapes, three 3s, magic square, celestial number of order
• How to Align: You were in an 8 year (and a global 4 year) in 2011, bringing opportunity where you were organized/secure and the need for structure/knowledge in any areas that felt insufficient. Now in a personal 9 year in 2012, it’s time to drop the vice grip, tie up loose ends, and make room. Review your life since 2004 (when you started a 9-year cycle), as you have the ability to achieve a personal level of mastery you didn’t think possible. Remember that whatever falls away this year, you can choose to creatively transform into a gift and exciting adventure for your soul…then pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Let go to soar freely.

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Exquisite Risk

A guest message by Mark Nepo. An excerpt from his book, ‘The Exquisite Risk: Daring to Live an Authentic Life’

finding joyRecently, I had an old tooth go bad. It was abscessed and this pressured ache kept building from some elusive spot inside my head. It felt like my deepest moments of doubt. As I waited inside the specialist’s office, I was growing more and more anxious. It’s such a strange journey to be spirit in a body. The Sufis compare it to an invisible bird carried for years within a body of a bird. But the longer I am alive, the harder it is to discern between the two, and the more grateful I am for both.

So there I was, fighting off the memories of my cancer journey, trying to breathe through the pain, and falling into the fear that feeds on poor waiting. In an effort to distract myself, I paged through a book of nature photographs and came upon a full-page color still of a meadowlark. This delicate songbird had climbed the tallest stalk in a wildflower patch, its small talons gripping the stalk tightly in the midst of sudden wind. While its talons were clinging sideways, its body was leaning upright and its head was singing full to the sky.

I realized that the meadowlark holds on, in the smallest storm, in order to sing. Isn’t this what we do — hold on and sing? Isn’t this the art of suffering our way into joy? And if we only hold, don’t we miss the point of our existence? This tiny bird was a teaching from God.

It was then that the doctor’s assistant called my name. Feeling tiny myself, I closed the book, knowing that this was a piece of truth given just in time. For the next three hours they extracted the dying nerve from my mouth, and I held on like a meadowlark, my body slightly twisted as I tried to let my spirit sing. And from that in-between space, floating softly within my pain, I saw how kind this man was who was tending me. Though his eyes were intent on the thin canals inside my tooth, I saw behind his focus to his soft place. It was there that we’d known each other deeply, though we’d never met.

Suddenly, with a rubber gauze covering my mouth, I understood how cautious we are on the surface, and how kind and willing underneath. It is often when in need — when too sad to keep the mask in place, too tired to keep the wall propped up, too wounded to lift the sword — often it is then that we glimpse each other as we really are, stripped of all the things we think we need to protect ourselves. Ironically, once flushed out in the open, it is from the soft place that we guard and hide that kindness seeks kindness, and we are just thankful to be helped along.

Published by Harmony Books, Random House, New York, February 2005. | In The Exquisite Risk, poet and teacher Mark Nepo encourages readers to become quiet enough and open enough to listen to what truly matters—our own hearts, our loved ones, the wonders of nature—in order to live a life with nothing held back. |

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