Stuck Again?

A guest message from Jim Self

Are you stuck in your stuff again? Do any of the words below fit your mood?

Growth Period
Speed Bump
Head Banging
All Tangled Up
Hitting a Wall
A Mess
Cranial-Rectal Insertion
I’ve been hit by a truck (muscle soreness, slow, sleepy)
Emotional roller coaster, crying for no reason, easily irritated, blue. Mentally foggy, distracted and unfocused, forgetful (more than usual), noisy mind.

inner vitality empowermentEveryone hits a wall now and again. Some people choose to stay there, noses stuck against the cold, hard, stone – blaming themselves or others for their predicament. Others choose to turn their heads slightly, squint their eyes and slyly peek around to notice where they are. Still others have developed ways for peeling themselves off the wall, laughing at their squished noses and choosing to create a different outcome. We have opportunities to choose every single day.

Sometimes we get stuck when we have spiritually asked for something and are in the process of being given it, but a part of us resists accepting it. That part (or those parts) must ‘grow’ to accommodate what has been asked for. Or perhaps our perception needs to grow and shift upward slightly, to the spiritual level, in order to see that we are actually being given what we’ve been asking for.

What are the situations or circumstances that throw you into a stuck period? They vary for each of us, depending upon our belief structure, habits and patterns. It could be heavy traffic, a charged conversation, a zit on your chin, politics or an accumulation of all the external and internal events that just don’t feel good. When you discover you are stuck in your stuff, you have a choice. You always have a choice.

You can stay stuck or you can look around for other options. Those options are always standing right next to you, waiting for you to get quiet enough to recognize them. Do you turn your head and sneak a peek? Knowing that misery IS optional, what do you do to get yourself unstuck?

1. Recognize you are stuck
2. Laugh at yourself and the gooey, sticky stuff you have found yourself standing in
3. Notice you have other choices
4. Choose the option that is different than what you have been doing.

Step 1. Recognize you are stuck
Ideally it would be great to be aware enough so that as soon as you begin to get stuck, you know what’s going on and have the presence of mind to do something about it. Most of us have yet to master this art. Doing so is a form of self-mastery that is do-able, but requires personal commitment, constant attention and diligence. We are all on our way to self-mastery. In the meantime, it might help to come up with a strategy.

As you continue to create a stronger, conscious intention of becoming aware of your internal guidance system, you become more able to circumvent a Growth Period before spiraling down into total misery and stuckness. Begin to notice what old patterns you revert to when feeling stuck. They can be vegging in front of the TV, idly surfing the internet, low mood, higher stress, cravings, eating junk food and not going to sleep on time. You might also notice if it is difficult to stay detached, and then choose to hold your attention on one of the Seven Living Words – happy, certain, senior, presence, powerful, commanding, gracious. If you can catch yourself in these old patterns, peeling yourself away from the brick wall is easier and a lot less painful.

Step 2. Laugh at yourself
Once you recognize the gooey stinky stuff you are standing in, you have a choice; stay there, complain and continue to get it all over yourself or Be Amused. I suggest the latter. This amusement part may take some doing as you will be breaking some pretty strong cultural patterns of victimhood, control, guilt and blame. If you have a difficult time finding laughter, try one of those baby-laughing videos on YouTube or the zoot-zoot one by Amanda Gore.

3. Look around at your other choices
You might prepare by creating some new alternatives when you are not stuck so when you get there again, you have other alternatives to consider. Be sure to avoid those options which are ‘spiritually correct.’ Meditating more might be helpful but be sure it isn’t a ‘should.’ Laying in the grass, watching a movie or going for a walk with the neighbor’s dog may be more do-able when you get stuck again.

4. Choose one option and Do it!
Choose the easiest option, not the one that you think you Should do. This isn’t a race and no one is watching to see if you make the Right decision. Do whatever option feels best right now – no matter how silly or simple.

Only you can think your thoughts…

Only you can move your muscles…

Only you can feel your feelings…

Only you can get yourself unstuck.

Jim Self is an author, international speaker, and teacher of the Tools for Mastering Alchemy. This work is in co-creation with Archangels, Ascended Masters and Teachers of Light. Free DVD and Free Tele-Classes. Jim is presenting Free in-person classes and the weekend seminar, Creating the Personal Power Field around North America. | or 775-851-8950. | Copyright: You may share this article with your friends as long it is kept whole and our website is included. Thank you.

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Inspiration for New Beginnings: Being Stuck is an Illusion

A new year, and a great time to focus on new beginnings in our lives!

Inspiration for New Beginnings, Being Stuck is an Illusion ~ InnerVitalityThat which one sees as a blockage in their life, certainly does become so ~ in their experience. But, remember, we only think we are stuck, when in fact we are simply choosing the same reaction a multitude of times. Make a slightly altered reaction or choice, which may seem insignificant at the time, and you will cause a chain of events that could lead to a whole cascade of changes…as positive momentum continues to build and new ideas, enthusiasm and synchronicities (which are positive signs and omens really) begin to unfold.

Carolyn Myss sums this up nicely,

Personal empowerment begins with small choices that set enormous changes in motion: To change one small habit, for example, is to bring an entirely different flow of energy and thus, power, into your life. That energy, in turn, adds to the quality of thoughts and inspiration in your mind, body, and spirit, allowing for a different current of ideas and creativity. One positive action can create an entirely new life.

Your first small change could be choosing a positive statement or affirmation when negative mind chatter says, “I’m stuck”…or could entail buying a new journal if you’re an aspiring writer. It could be organizing your home if you are for instance feeling financially strapped ~ it may appear completely unrelated, but any inward or outward change that makes you feel good about your environment or self, that gives you comfort, joy or hope is a step forward in making any new beginning in your life.

Break your goal down to one step at a time, and enjoy your journey. Congratulate yourself for each step forward you take…for you are CREATING it…YOU are the master of your life. You are a magnificent creator!

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You Already Know the Answer

simple & effective techniques….

You Already Know the Answer ~ InnerVitalityThe following 3 exercises are helpful when deciding on a course of action or several opportunities, and also helpful in discovering other options available. They put you in touch with your inner knowing that always steers you on a path in your highest good. First put yourself in a meditative state (you may wish to do this by lighting a candle, listening to relaxing music, opening your chakras if this is familiar to you, and focusing on your breath).

1. Street Light Meditation
This exercise is beneficial for those who are clairvoyant (intuitively see in images) and it can give very clear answers. Think of the situation you wish to intuitively explore. Now imagine and see yourself taking a particular course of action. Ask to have a traffic light appear before you, to symbolically represent this course of action. Is it red, amber or green? Trust what your lights mean to you…many people will find that a red light is cautionary and green means go! You may see flashing green that eventually turns to amber…in that case it may be time to act on your opportunity while it is available or to slow down (or be more cautionary) nearer the end of the situation. Again, trust what your own visuals mean to you. Repeat this for any other scenarios you’d like to weigh.

2. Box Meditation
An excellent exercise for those who feel things intuitively in their body, and those who see in images. Imagine the first option and see yourself inside a box or room with it. Explore this scene and any feelings you experience in your body. How do you feel inside this room? What do you see or hear? Is there a ceiling? Are the walls closing in? Or do you feel expansive and joyful? Repeat this exercise if you are considering various options. Does the choice (or which choice) feel(s) right for you?

3. Path Meditation
Imagine one option. See yourself on this path. Engage all your senses. Notice the landscape, it’s richness or lack, the colours, sounds, and temperature. Notice the vegetation and any movement or insects/animals/people that appear. Are there any messages for you? How do you feel walking on this path…at the start and later on? Does this path lead to more opportunities? How much effort or what action is required? Repeat this process for another option you are considering. Ask now for another pathway to be shown to you…something you have not considered yet. How does this option feel, look, and sound? Is there a path in your highest good? Trust your instincts. You know the answer within.

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