Address the Pattern, Reset Your Life!

inner vitalityWe’ve all had that aHA! moment when we suddenly see that we are the common denominator when reflecting on repetitive experiences in our life. After the initial ‘ugh’, life starts to make sense because we recognize the power we have to recreate our world, no longer the victim!

Do you always choose a demanding boss? Have you had a lot of health issues on one side of the body? Do you often feel alone in relationships? Are you having trouble meeting a specific goal or breaking an addiction?

Energy in motion stays in motion, so we need to interrupt the pattern by doing something different. Ensure energy isn’t tied up in unfinished business, and create a fresh environment around you so you can see what your next step is: Eliminate clutter, return emails promptly, change your routine, stretch your body, take walks in nature…try something new!

You may also benefit from Holographic Release, known to be a powerful treatment to release body-mind-spirit patterns and negative core beliefs. I offer this holistic service in the Toronto, Canada area if it’s of interest to you.

With love,
Kerri McCutcheon

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Oh, But You CAN!

egoAre negative ideas or words stuck on replay within you?

Break the pattern by making a conscious commitment to eliminate ‘can’t, should, shouldn’t,’ and ‘try’ from your vocabulary. Health author Darren Weissman passionately relays that, “The word can’t is like having your hands and feet bound together behind your back.” Why (laughing) do we do this to ourselves?

Claim your free will and power to (re)create your life! Be vigilant that anything you say starting with ‘I’ and ‘I am’ is positive and empowering. Notice how this feels better; you only feel harmony with what is your truth. Your feelings are your guide.

If you wish to incorporate some more empowering thoughts into your daily life, check out InnerVitality’s Affirmations page, full of feel-good statements for optimal health and wellness!

Kerri McCutcheon

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The Gift of Crisis

vitality torontoWhen the rug is pulled out from underneath us we are forced to get out our gardening tools and start digging again, cultivating our own life and dreams. Everything that requires transformation to fully accept new energies and a higher way of living is coming to the surface for all of us. Although unwelcome and difficult, crisis can be the very thing that assists us in growing forward in more joy.

Our reward is that we often transform ourselves not despite crises, but because of it. This empowering truth is reinforced in Laura Day’s transformational book, Welcome to Your Crises. Whether you (or someone you know) is going through a health, relationship or economic crisis, it’s full of supportive practices and moving quotes… “Through this process of moving thru crises, you’ll find yourself and the key to the most wonderful life you can have!”

Holistic Health Tips:

  • 1. Take a few moments every morning to relax into your Divine self.
  • 2. Breathe through all your chakras. See them grow brighter and balance.
  • 3. Do some hand-written journalling. This physical action with your hands helps get what’s inside out, freeing it from your body as well.
  • 4. From Laura Day: As you move through crises, periodically ask yourself: ‘Who am I?’ Don’t be surprised if your answer changes!

“You let go of what doesn’t serve you when you go through these crises. Do not do that in your life which feels like resistance. Do only that which, even if it seems painful to do, you know is the right thing to do for you. All transformations lead to joy, understanding, and soul growth.” FROM SATYASOUL (OUR ANGELIC BLOG): Transformational Path of the Soul >>

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As You Are Now

Wishing and waiting are not using our full power, yet how common is it to be waiting for something…better health, less pain, a different size or shape, more fulfilled career, retirement, more money, when every task of the entire day is done, and so on. Do you find yourself waiting to live?

self acceptanceDeep acceptance of ourselves, EXACTLY where we are now can be extremely freeing (and paradoxically, can be just what’s needed to get out of our own way so we can make changes leading to more fulfilment). Cultivate the knowing that you are loved, empowered, and free. EACH moment is where the joy is. Make it count!

Holistic Health Tip
I once worked with a wonderful woman who would walk down the hallway swinging her hips in a full figure 8 motion. She wasn’t just exercising her fabulousness and liberation — she was onto something really powerful! How does your body want to move? What inside you wants to be free?

Health author Anat Banal relays that, “Old painful patterns and movement without awareness block growth opportunities in the brain”, but when we…“allow new, spontaneous and natural movements [it] leads to clearer thinking and emotional responses, helps us move thru resistance to change, and opens more creativity in living.”

Try it out. If you’re reading this in public, who cares who sees you? I just stopped typing on my laptop to engage in the most blissful awakening stretch and ear-to-ear grin!

“You needn’t be happy in your life before you start being nice to yourself. Start doing small things for yourself every day and we assure you that you’ll start thinking more highly of yourself. If you can show yourself that love, you’re going to see that love all around you. It starts with small acts of self-care.” FROM OUR ANGEL BLOG, POST: Esteem Fuels You Forward >>

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Stuck Again?

A guest message from Jim Self

Are you stuck in your stuff again? Do any of the words below fit your mood?

Growth Period
Speed Bump
Head Banging
All Tangled Up
Hitting a Wall
A Mess
Cranial-Rectal Insertion
I’ve been hit by a truck (muscle soreness, slow, sleepy)
Emotional roller coaster, crying for no reason, easily irritated, blue. Mentally foggy, distracted and unfocused, forgetful (more than usual), noisy mind.

inner vitality empowermentEveryone hits a wall now and again. Some people choose to stay there, noses stuck against the cold, hard, stone – blaming themselves or others for their predicament. Others choose to turn their heads slightly, squint their eyes and slyly peek around to notice where they are. Still others have developed ways for peeling themselves off the wall, laughing at their squished noses and choosing to create a different outcome. We have opportunities to choose every single day.

Sometimes we get stuck when we have spiritually asked for something and are in the process of being given it, but a part of us resists accepting it. That part (or those parts) must ‘grow’ to accommodate what has been asked for. Or perhaps our perception needs to grow and shift upward slightly, to the spiritual level, in order to see that we are actually being given what we’ve been asking for.

What are the situations or circumstances that throw you into a stuck period? They vary for each of us, depending upon our belief structure, habits and patterns. It could be heavy traffic, a charged conversation, a zit on your chin, politics or an accumulation of all the external and internal events that just don’t feel good. When you discover you are stuck in your stuff, you have a choice. You always have a choice.

You can stay stuck or you can look around for other options. Those options are always standing right next to you, waiting for you to get quiet enough to recognize them. Do you turn your head and sneak a peek? Knowing that misery IS optional, what do you do to get yourself unstuck?

1. Recognize you are stuck
2. Laugh at yourself and the gooey, sticky stuff you have found yourself standing in
3. Notice you have other choices
4. Choose the option that is different than what you have been doing.

Step 1. Recognize you are stuck
Ideally it would be great to be aware enough so that as soon as you begin to get stuck, you know what’s going on and have the presence of mind to do something about it. Most of us have yet to master this art. Doing so is a form of self-mastery that is do-able, but requires personal commitment, constant attention and diligence. We are all on our way to self-mastery. In the meantime, it might help to come up with a strategy.

As you continue to create a stronger, conscious intention of becoming aware of your internal guidance system, you become more able to circumvent a Growth Period before spiraling down into total misery and stuckness. Begin to notice what old patterns you revert to when feeling stuck. They can be vegging in front of the TV, idly surfing the internet, low mood, higher stress, cravings, eating junk food and not going to sleep on time. You might also notice if it is difficult to stay detached, and then choose to hold your attention on one of the Seven Living Words – happy, certain, senior, presence, powerful, commanding, gracious. If you can catch yourself in these old patterns, peeling yourself away from the brick wall is easier and a lot less painful.

Step 2. Laugh at yourself
Once you recognize the gooey stinky stuff you are standing in, you have a choice; stay there, complain and continue to get it all over yourself or Be Amused. I suggest the latter. This amusement part may take some doing as you will be breaking some pretty strong cultural patterns of victimhood, control, guilt and blame. If you have a difficult time finding laughter, try one of those baby-laughing videos on YouTube or the zoot-zoot one by Amanda Gore.

3. Look around at your other choices
You might prepare by creating some new alternatives when you are not stuck so when you get there again, you have other alternatives to consider. Be sure to avoid those options which are ‘spiritually correct.’ Meditating more might be helpful but be sure it isn’t a ‘should.’ Laying in the grass, watching a movie or going for a walk with the neighbor’s dog may be more do-able when you get stuck again.

4. Choose one option and Do it!
Choose the easiest option, not the one that you think you Should do. This isn’t a race and no one is watching to see if you make the Right decision. Do whatever option feels best right now – no matter how silly or simple.

Only you can think your thoughts…

Only you can move your muscles…

Only you can feel your feelings…

Only you can get yourself unstuck.

Jim Self is an author, international speaker, and teacher of the Tools for Mastering Alchemy. This work is in co-creation with Archangels, Ascended Masters and Teachers of Light. Free DVD and Free Tele-Classes. Jim is presenting Free in-person classes and the weekend seminar, Creating the Personal Power Field around North America. | or 775-851-8950. | Copyright: You may share this article with your friends as long it is kept whole and our website is included. Thank you.

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The Highest Outcome for Yourself & Another

tips for connecting to another’s higher self

The Highest Outcome for Yourself & Another ~ InnerVitalityA wonderful way to find clarity and healing in a relationship, including with a loved one who’s passed or someone you are no longer in touch with, is to connect with their higher self and begin a dialoging process. If you have an important decision to make or upcoming discussion in a relationship (whether it be with a friend, significant other, family member or in business), this process may also provide some of the insight and higher purpose knowledge that will help you in proceeding in a manner in the best interest of both of you.

Of course, permission must always be sought when connecting to another, and this can be done intuitively.

1. To begin, you may wish to set the mood for meditation, whatever it is you like to do…relaxing music, candle, soft lighting, pleasant scent.
2. Get comfortable and centre yourself. Connect with your breath and close your eyes if you like (or bring your gaze to a soft focus if you are reading).
3. Ask to set aside your ego, and state your intention to connect to your higher self. You may wish to invite in any angels or guides you connect with. Imagine yourself surrounded in white light.
4. See an image of the person you wish to connect with in your mind’s eye; see them surrounded with light. If you do not sense the other person, ask to be given a scent, sound, shape or colour symbolic of their higher self; invite them to come forward. Ask their permission to connect to their higher self. Trust what you sense.
5. If you hear, feel or sense a ‘no’ response, then allow them this right, as it may not be the best time. Try this process at another time if you wish. You can still surround this situation/relationship with an intention of healing (or the best possible outcome for both of you) ~ that in itself brings wonderful transformational energy.
6. If you feel there is a ‘yes’ answer, you may proceed forward.
7. Begin to speak with them. Tell them anything you wish to express. Any questions you have can be asked now. You can even sense a response or words. Find clarity on how they view the situation. Interestingly, the way the other’s higher self communicates still reflects some of their personality, and you may even sense a certain tone to their voice, specific words or energy or mannerisms that make sense for them.
8. Even if you feel you are making this process up, there is valuable information here. If you don’t feel you are hearing a specific answer, examine their energy ~ you may find the answer in how they present themselves. You may also ask that communication between you two happen in your dream state, or ask that guidance/answers be presented to you in the coming week. Trust that you will find clarity/healing and be open to however it comes.
9. Some questions you may wish to ask are: a) How do you view this situation/relationship? b) What is/was your intention? c) What learning is this relationship/situation providing for you? Ask your own higher self the purpose for you. d) What can their higher self tell you that will provide you with more understanding/healing? e) Ask, what do you need from me and tell them what you need from them. f) How can we heal this? How is best to move forward? What one action today will help us move forward?
10. If this is a person that hurt you, you may wish to get some feelings out: a) What do you most need to tell them? Say this now. You are safe here to do this now. b) What positive qualities have you gained from the situation…strength, compassion, courage, resolve? [You may wish to read our sister blog article on Soul Connections.]
11. When you are done dialoguing, thank their higher self for connecting with you. Thank any guides and angels that were present. Thank yourself for taking the time to learn, heal and grow.
12. Come back gently now, beginning to move your hands and feet. Open your eyes (or bring the room more into focus) when you are ready. To further ground, you may wish to put your right hand on the crown of your head and your left hand at the base of your spine.

We hope this process has brought you some insight and healing. Holding the intention of everyone’s highest good is a wonderful way to release restrictions and smooth the path ahead. Don’t be surprised if you notice a marked improvement in this relationship or your feelings towards them. It is not uncommon to hear from the other person after this process, even if you have not for a while (they will have felt your energetic connection at some level). Know that you can do this process again with anyone at anytime with their permission. Transformation, guidance and healing are always available so that we may truly move forward, embracing the present moment and all that life has to offer!

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Let us know how this process worked for you. Comments are always welcomed…