Why Taking a Leap of Faith Might Be the Safest Thing You Can Do

A Guest Message from Cheryl Richardson

inner vitalityThere’s a little voice in my head that’s been trying to get my attention for a long time. The voice tells me things like:

  • stop following everyone else’s rules and start expressing your creativity in unconventional ways;
  • find that beautiful place by the sea you’ve wanted for intimate workshops and retreats and book one;
  • allow movement and nature and animals to hold a more prominent place in your life.

We all have a wise voice inside. Yours might be telling you that it’s time to let your grown children go so you can focus on living your life, or that you need to face the truth about how unhappy you are in your marriage, or that it’s finally time to confront your addiction to work.

It takes great courage to listen to the wise voice within. While it ultimately points to a better life, it also begs for action. That’s the scary part. If you listen and finally decide to act, it means confronting the reality that you often can’t walk to where it leads. You have to close your eyes, hold your breath, and jump. The moment you consider doing this you realize…

  • There is no net.
  • You will feel alone.
You may not get where you want to go.
  • But, somewhere deep inside, you know you need to step off that cliff anyway.

I’ve been doing a little leaping myself this summer and here’s what I’ve discovered. When you jump – when you really let go and trust – you find out pretty quickly that Life does love you, that the Universe does, in fact, have your best interest at heart, and that all along you had what it takes to do what you really, really want to do.

For too long I bought into a lie. You might be doing it, too. We’ve been taught to believe that ignoring that wise voice will ensure our safety, bring certainty, and allow us to maintain a comfortable, easy place in life. But ignoring your inner voice doesn’t bring these things. It brings inertia, despair, and apathy – the kind of slow, soul murder that eats away at desire.

Nope. At some point we just need to jump. So, in case you’ve been thinking about it, consider this a gentle push…

Take Action Challenge
Whether you’re ready to take a leap or not, do yourself a favor and start listening to that wise, inner voice of yours. Write down what it says. Let the truth reveal itself to you. Imagine how your life might change for the better if you were to act on its wisdom.

If you do this, there’s a good chance that at some point your desire will grow stronger than your fear.

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Gut Instincts

being led from within…

Learning to Trust Your Intuition ~ InnerVitalityWhat happens within ~ inside your body ~ when you have a gut instinct response? Do you trust your gut? It is important we recognize our own patterns and our own intuitive signposts so we may steer ourselves in our highest good more easily and more often.

Reflect on how you’ve felt inside when you had an internal warning or red flag about something or someone. How did it feel inside your body? Where did you feel sensation? What was the temperature, the movement, the emotional feeling? Your body remembers and can show you how it felt. Did you want to put on the breaks? Did you feel inner turmoil…gut wrenching? Was there any tightness, pain, worry, or feeling of adrenaline? Did you have the sense of any colours in your stomach or around you? Recognize your own personal response.

Now think of a few occasions when you felt an encouraging, joyful gut instinct…the times when you had an inner knowing that it would be a positive experience to proceed forward. Notice what your internal okay feels like and where you felt it in your body. Perhaps there’s an easy movement of energy, happy butterflies in your tummy, lightness, warmth, or the feeling of being given a gentle nudge forward. What is your internal signal?

In life there are so many signposts and omens available along the way. So many people, however, have closed down their feeling responses in favour of an intellectual review of the scenarios they find themselves in. Intellect is fine, of course we were given it for a reason, and it has much to offer. But isn’t it time we not cut off parts of ourself in the process of steering our way through life? It is the uniting of all parts of self that makes us whole, makes us powerful, and most successfully guides us on our life path. Be open to all the guidance available to you on your journey.

Don’t waste energy regretting the past and those internal red flags that you’ve ignored ~ we’ve all done it. But let’s put the learning to use. It is time to incorporate all parts of our selves to fully and joyfully step into our power!

Excerpt copyright © 2009-2010 InnerVitality, All rights reserved | Visit our website at www.InnerVitality.com. Read InnerVitality’s 3 techniques to get in touch with your inner knowing: You Already Know the Answer. | If you’re interested in additional intuitive development resources and channeled messages from spirit, we invite you to hop over to our sister blog, SatyaSoul. | Follow us on Twitter: @Inner_Vitality, @SatyaSoul.

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The Intuitive AHA! Response

7 Quick Tips to Know You Translated it Correctly

The Intuitive AHA! Response by InnerVitalitySo you’ve gone into meditation and connected with spirit, or your higher self, or you have an inner feeling or gut instinct about something or someone. Once you’ve received the message and interpreted its meaning, here are a few pointers that let you know you’re on the right track:

1. If the message you receive relates to an area of concern or interest (even if it was not the answer you were hoping for).

2. You feel inwardly as if you’ve ‘hit the nail on the head’. A feeling of epiphany, or an ‘aha!’ response.

3. There is an element of synchronicity or fate to it ~ if it is a really important message, it usually does.

4. The message is multi-dimensional, meaning it applies to multiple areas of your life. Even big messages often have a secondary meaning once examined.

5. Always give precedence to what the message (symbol/image/words, etc) mean to you. (For example a mouse image may commonly symbolize a need to pay attention to detail, but for you the mouse may indicate a beloved pet or your love of cartoons for instance).

6. Goosebumps sometimes accompany our accurate translation of a message. The saying goes, ‘goosebumps equal truth-bumps’!

7. Our guides and angels will often give us a repetition of 3. Often 3 stars or 3 shapes of some kind in our mind’s eye. Sometimes 3 words are repeated or part of a sentence is repeated 3 times with different endings, adding to the depth of meaning. The trinity is always powerful in spirit messages.

If you are still unsure about a particular message that you receive, ask spirit to bring you the answer. Ask to wake up knowing or ask spirit to show you confirmation in some way over the next week ~ and be open to how it comes.

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You Already Know the Answer

simple & effective techniques….

You Already Know the Answer ~ InnerVitalityThe following 3 exercises are helpful when deciding on a course of action or several opportunities, and also helpful in discovering other options available. They put you in touch with your inner knowing that always steers you on a path in your highest good. First put yourself in a meditative state (you may wish to do this by lighting a candle, listening to relaxing music, opening your chakras if this is familiar to you, and focusing on your breath).

1. Street Light Meditation
This exercise is beneficial for those who are clairvoyant (intuitively see in images) and it can give very clear answers. Think of the situation you wish to intuitively explore. Now imagine and see yourself taking a particular course of action. Ask to have a traffic light appear before you, to symbolically represent this course of action. Is it red, amber or green? Trust what your lights mean to you…many people will find that a red light is cautionary and green means go! You may see flashing green that eventually turns to amber…in that case it may be time to act on your opportunity while it is available or to slow down (or be more cautionary) nearer the end of the situation. Again, trust what your own visuals mean to you. Repeat this for any other scenarios you’d like to weigh.

2. Box Meditation
An excellent exercise for those who feel things intuitively in their body, and those who see in images. Imagine the first option and see yourself inside a box or room with it. Explore this scene and any feelings you experience in your body. How do you feel inside this room? What do you see or hear? Is there a ceiling? Are the walls closing in? Or do you feel expansive and joyful? Repeat this exercise if you are considering various options. Does the choice (or which choice) feel(s) right for you?

3. Path Meditation
Imagine one option. See yourself on this path. Engage all your senses. Notice the landscape, it’s richness or lack, the colours, sounds, and temperature. Notice the vegetation and any movement or insects/animals/people that appear. Are there any messages for you? How do you feel walking on this path…at the start and later on? Does this path lead to more opportunities? How much effort or what action is required? Repeat this process for another option you are considering. Ask now for another pathway to be shown to you…something you have not considered yet. How does this option feel, look, and sound? Is there a path in your highest good? Trust your instincts. You know the answer within.

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