A Prayer for Haiti

It is a difficult time for our world, as we witness Haiti going through such devastation from the catastrophic earthquake last week and aftershocks that are still occurring.

We know, that if you are able, you are donating funds to the many wonderful relief organizations that are on the ground in Haiti. We can also pray and hold the intention that Haiti will be restored to its natural, original beauty and be recreated with a more viable infrastructure to sustain her citizens. At the same time, we can acknowledge that the Global Heart is opening further with the whole world focused on supporting Haiti.

To that end, I have written a prayer for the recovery of Haiti and her soulful people. Please feel free to pass this prayer along to others.

Dear Creator,

We call in the light and open our hearts in sending our prayers to Haiti.

We see this beautiful island as a tropical paradise in turquoise waters in its original, natural and vibrant state and surround it with light and love.

First, we send light and love to the hundreds of thousands of souls who passed over to the other side so they may have smooth transition to the higher realms.

We send light and love to their loved ones left behind. May their grief heal, may they be safe and protected and may they transform and re-create themselves for their highest good.

We send light and love to the injured so that they can heal painlessly and get the medical help as soon as possible.

We send light and love to all of the medical professionals so they that they can help the injured swiftly restoring them to health.

We send light and love to the tent cities so that they live in a harmonious and peaceful manner, helping each other through this tragedy.

We send light and love to the street gangs so they make the choice for their behaviour to be of a higher order.

We send light and love to all the soldiers, relief workers, peacekeepers and missionaries in the life saving work they do and so that they can hold the peace for Haiti .

We send light and love to the soul of Haiti, so that her faith can be restored and that her courage strengthens more each day in moving through this tragedy.

We send light and love to the UN and Bill Clinton, the UN envoy, so that Haiti can be rebuilt and returned to its natural, beautiful state.

We send light and love to other political leaders, our [Canada’s] Governor General, Michaelle Jean, whose soul is weeping, and broadcasters and journalists for the endless work they do in Haiti.

We send light and love to all of humankind, so that our Global Heart opens further and we share our resources and money generously. We realize that we are all interconnected. We are all one!

So be it. Namaste.

Kathy Ryndak

Kathy Ryndak is the Co-founder of Transformational Arts College in Toronto, Canada | Visit their website at www.transformationalarts.com; view Transformational Arts College’s monthly e-newsletter / subscribe.

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Lighting the Way Forward

InnerVitality ~ Lighting the Way ForwardWe are pleased to share a beautiful excerpt from LuminEssence with you:

You may be sensing changes that you want to make in your life to experience more joy and wholeness. You may feel a call to expand and grow, to reach others with your work, and to follow your higher path….

The energy present lights up new paths and directions. This new light reaches deep into your heart and brings the desires and dreams of your soul and Higher Self to consciousness. It lights up those things that are not of your soul so you will feel less energy or desire to do them…. It can stimulate your desire to start living your dreams and to follow your joy. You may be sensing that something better exists, something you could be doing that would bring you so much aliveness and joy that you could not wait to get up in the morning and begin the day. It is only when you know and live your life purpose that you have the joy, aliveness, and inner peace that makes it possible to know and to live as your soul.

Knowing and living your life purpose does not mean that you have to change your job or make any outer changes. When you know your purpose, the same activities that once felt boring or draining can take on all new meaning, and you can feel a sense of joy and aliveness in doing them….

To find the joy that is in this wave is to surrender to and follow your joy…. You deserve to have a life that fulfills you at your deepest levels. It is also important to love yourself for what you have already created. Take a moment to reflect on all you have done, and to appreciate yourself for coming as far as you have.*

InnerVitality invites you to intend positive inner change and fresh new beginnings in the days ahead. As Esther and Jerry Hicks so beautifully write, “When a desire is focused within you, the summoning of Creative Life Force immediately begins to flow toward your desire ~ and the Universe expands. And that is good.”

*Source: LuminEssence excerpt shared from Orin’s article in the Birth Into Light Newsletter, Wave of Light and Transformation; http://www.orindaben.com.

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Magic Beach Meditation

This channeled meditation also appears on our sister blog site, SatyaSoul ~ your loving source for angelic messages and spiritual development tips!

release your worries, like sands in the wind…

Magic Beach Meditation ~ channeled with love thru SatyaSoulBegin to quiet the mind. Do so now by starting to count your breaths. Pay attention to the length of the inhale and that of the exhale. Now breathe longer and more deeply. On the exhale, release anything you do not need ~ that which no longer serves you. On the inhale, breathe in crystalline light. Perhaps this looks like sunlight to you, or a radiant glowing light. Feel the light fill your body…and each limb. Feel this and see this…and now light fills every cell of your body. You are becoming more and more joyful, and at the same time, more and more relaxed.

Now zoom to any area of your body where you would like there to be more light. Know that this area of your body too is harmonious with light. Take some time now to more closely connect with this area…. What does it look like?… What does it need from you?… What feelings are held here?… Does this area of your body have a message for you?… Is it symbolic of anything happening in your life?… Allow this intuitive wisdom to come to you. The more you do this process the easier it gets. Does this area of your body have any other messages for you?… See light fill this area now, and grow more and more bright. See and feel this area of your body at ease.

Your body now feels so light and free that you begin to take a walk…. You see a spectacular beach in the distance in your mind’s eye. The temperature is pleasant and you can feel the sand under your feet. The sun glitters off the edge of an object…you can’t quite make it out yet. As you approach, you discover it is a colourful bucket. The sun catches again, and this time the glitter grows to a bright light, and before you stands an angel. The angel radiates love and well-being towards you, and tells you the bucket has a special purpose. The angel wishes to help you with anything that’s been troubling you, anything you’ve been worried about. The bucket will be helpful for this too.

the angels remind you, you’re always loving supported…

What is your biggest concern? Now state this clearly, out loud or to yourself if you like, and imagine yourself putting it into the bucket. Know that examining these thoughts, then letting them go will free you. What’s next…what else is troubling you or are you spending excess energy on? Put it all in the bucket. It feels good to release this. Put as many things in the bucket as you wish. Whatever is left that doesn’t feel joyful or harmonious ~ put it in the bucket too. You’ve now honoured these thoughts and let them go. It feels good to have a clear mind. You know these items are safe in the angel’s bucket. The angel now touches the bucket and you see its contents turn to sand. You decide to dump out the bucket of sand on the beach, and to your delightful surprise it turns into a sand castle. You smile at having made something beautiful out of what was once mind clutter!

A gentle breeze sweeps in and grain by grain, the sand begins to blow away. You smile peacefully, relieved, knowing that nature is taking its course. The angel invites you to reconnect and use this bucket whenever you wish in your journey ahead. You are reminded how you are always lovingly supported.

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