11 Tips for a MultiDimensional Life

multidimensionsThere are a grand many experiencing a beautiful awakening now…each of us in our own time healing hurts, removing blinders, and learning to see and act in true loving, spiritual and cosmic consciousness. Here are a few tips to assist us in our unfolding into a multidimensional way of life:

1. Be the Love: Let love flow through you, in and out of you, all around you, and cocooning you. You are beloved. Be loving to yourself. Be glorious in who you are. Broadcast it with love. Go forward freely. Launch forward on your journey in love. Walk surrounded in the love that you are.

2. Communications of Grace: Carry out each conversation as if it was your last. Treat the person that you are communicating with, with the full honour that their soul deserves, and as your soul sees them. Speak to them as you truly are, and as your soul truly sees them. Honour them.

3. Helping Others: Many are asking how to help others who don’t see their choice to take empowered action. Quite simply, making a life of our choosing is the most powerful teacher. Be there for others, surround them in love, but allow them the journey they choose. Trust yourself when you feel there is a moment where you can show there is choice, but do this without judgement or stating a ‘correct’ choice. We may not like their choices, but inadvertently imposing our will is not helpful to their soul.

4. Which Drama Will You Choose?: Imagine two great dramas playing out along the lines of time. One allows you to play an active role and determine the visuals around you. The other drama is one that appears as if you have no choice, doesn’t play by any rules, and doesn’t make any sense in terms of how the universe was created. Which one will you follow? Those that are choosing an epidemic of panic and struggle, an easy time does not await them. We have the choice to walk forward in joy, and to go through transitions in an empowered and less resistant manner. Those who see this time as one with a gateway to transcendence, as one filled with tremendous opportunity, shall experience this surely.

5. Honour Your Truth: The new energies we’re in ask us to not allow the comforts of apparent truths to dictate our reality. The truth we’re in charge of. It’s our responsibility to explore, witness, and maintain it. As well…to speak, feel, and do it. Be willing first to see truth within yourself, and secondly within your relationships. As you see these truths, be willing to act on what you find, centering you in empowered living.

6. Embracing Change: The changes occurring in our plane of existence are a wonderful opportunity for release-ment of all that holds us back from our ultimate potential. Change is all around us, and here to stay. Set your heart and intention on change. In doing so, you will experience the type of change that is soulful and just perfect for you in each moment. Launch yourself freely towards the ecstasy of transformation.

7. Moving Through Hurts: When you examine your heart, what is it that hurts most inside? Many are finding that any inner work required must be faced quite directly at this time. This can be extremely challenging, yet this is also a tremendous gift of cosmic support for rapid progress. In healing, act with conviction. When you’re free of the past, you’re free to experience even more beauty to unfold in your life.

8. Break Free: It’s not the time to look back or feel, “I have come so far, so why am I still facing this”? Ask that your blinders be removed and trust you’re about to break free completely of all that has bound you. We’re not as separate from everyone as it has appeared, and you can soon break through any barriers to experience a conscious link with the love and resources of the world’s soul.

9. Open to All Beings: Act in tolerance of all Earth’s creatures. There are many loving souls around you that are supporting you. Begin to welcome them. Begin to open yourself to possibility.

10. Togetherness: Share your stories and the struggles too (in a means of viewing it outside yourself the best you can), because you’re going to find a grand many going through the same thing. Trust that you are matched with people along your day-to-day journey that can help you through it. You can act as a mirror for each other, or one person can lift up the other and the cycle continues. Everyone gets to play a role of service, may learn/grow, and feel the love/support of others.

11. Training Wings: Honour your own ebb and flow, and be gentle with yourself as you learn to maintain a higher vibration. It is okay that at the moment, as you are harnessing these new energies, you may find yourself feeling as if you are extending from one end of the spectrum to another. When this happens, do not judge it. Take some breaths, and give yourself time and permission to then find your way back to centre.

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With love,
Kerri McCutcheon, Founder

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A Prayer for Haiti

It is a difficult time for our world, as we witness Haiti going through such devastation from the catastrophic earthquake last week and aftershocks that are still occurring.

We know, that if you are able, you are donating funds to the many wonderful relief organizations that are on the ground in Haiti. We can also pray and hold the intention that Haiti will be restored to its natural, original beauty and be recreated with a more viable infrastructure to sustain her citizens. At the same time, we can acknowledge that the Global Heart is opening further with the whole world focused on supporting Haiti.

To that end, I have written a prayer for the recovery of Haiti and her soulful people. Please feel free to pass this prayer along to others.

Dear Creator,

We call in the light and open our hearts in sending our prayers to Haiti.

We see this beautiful island as a tropical paradise in turquoise waters in its original, natural and vibrant state and surround it with light and love.

First, we send light and love to the hundreds of thousands of souls who passed over to the other side so they may have smooth transition to the higher realms.

We send light and love to their loved ones left behind. May their grief heal, may they be safe and protected and may they transform and re-create themselves for their highest good.

We send light and love to the injured so that they can heal painlessly and get the medical help as soon as possible.

We send light and love to all of the medical professionals so they that they can help the injured swiftly restoring them to health.

We send light and love to the tent cities so that they live in a harmonious and peaceful manner, helping each other through this tragedy.

We send light and love to the street gangs so they make the choice for their behaviour to be of a higher order.

We send light and love to all the soldiers, relief workers, peacekeepers and missionaries in the life saving work they do and so that they can hold the peace for Haiti .

We send light and love to the soul of Haiti, so that her faith can be restored and that her courage strengthens more each day in moving through this tragedy.

We send light and love to the UN and Bill Clinton, the UN envoy, so that Haiti can be rebuilt and returned to its natural, beautiful state.

We send light and love to other political leaders, our [Canada’s] Governor General, Michaelle Jean, whose soul is weeping, and broadcasters and journalists for the endless work they do in Haiti.

We send light and love to all of humankind, so that our Global Heart opens further and we share our resources and money generously. We realize that we are all interconnected. We are all one!

So be it. Namaste.

Kathy Ryndak

Kathy Ryndak is the Co-founder of Transformational Arts College in Toronto, Canada | Visit their website at www.transformationalarts.com; view Transformational Arts College’s monthly e-newsletter / subscribe.

InnerVitality sends blessings of love and protection to the courageous souls in and of Haiti, all those affected by the earthquake. Your comments on this post are welcome below…