Thank You, A Prayer for Liberation

Here is a short Bodhi-inspired thank you prayer for liberation. Repeat each phrase for 1 to 10 minutes:

I notice this breath…thank you breath.
Feel breath caress the body.

I notice this body…thank you body.
Feel the aliveness within.

I notice this mind…thank you mind.
Feel the ripples smooth.

I notice ‘my story’…thank you story.
Feel the loosening of attachment.

I notice life…thank you life.
Feel the connectedness.

Kerri McCutcheon

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Blissful Meditation

inner vitality and blissI share this simple and beautiful meditation from A Woman’s Book of Meditation, by Hari Kaur Khalsa. It is described as a “meditation for love without attachment, for kindness, forgiveness, sweetness, and knowing that God is within you”. That sure sounds like bliss to me…and by the way, guys will enjoy it too!

Getting Started:
• Have someone read the meditation to you or record it into a tape recorder to play back to yourself
• If it’s comfortable, sit in Sukhasana (a.k.a. Easy Pose: Sit cross-legged with a straight spine. You can add a blanket under your seat to relieve any pressure)
• Place your left hand in Gyan Mudra (touch the tip of your index finger to the tip of your thumb) & rest your left wrist on your left knee
• Cover your right nostril with your right thumb & breathe deeply thru your left nostril
• Concentrate at the top of your head


After this day, if I have had any negativity toward any soul, consciously or unconsciously, I now forgive and I am kind to the whole universe. I am I am and I am a kind being. I am I am I am a beautiful being, a great being, a truthful being.

Kindness and love. I am filled with it. That is what I am. All love, all kindness, all love, all sweetness, all sweetness, all smiles. I am I am.

I came to go. I go to come. I am a free being. I don’t want any attachments. Attachments will make me heavy. I want to be light. I am I am I am very light, light, light, lighther than a feather, lighter than a rose petal, lighter than anything in this room, lightest of light, lighter than light, completely light.

I am living truth. I am living reality. God is within me. Let me go within and see God. God is in me and let me go within and see God. God the creator, the Creator of the universe. That is what I am. I am pure, pure, pure manifestation of God.

Coming Back:
• Now inhale, exhale & relax

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Meditation in Compassion For Ourselves & All Beings

The following metta loving kindness meditation is based on the work of Debbie Shapiro from The BodyMind Workbook:

Sit upright and comfortably, take a deep breath, close your eyes and relax. First bring your attention to your heart and repeat to yourself, ‘May I be well, may I be happy, may all things go well for me’. Allow the feeling to grow within…releasing guilt, shame, unworthiness or inability to receive. Let love shine. Repeat as many times as you like, ‘May I be well, may I be happy, may all things go well for me’.

In the second stage, direct the loving kindness and compassion you feel towards a dear friend. Repeat several times, ‘May they be well, may they be happy, may all things go well for them’. Feel love radiate throughout your being.

Now direct compassion and loving kindness to a neutral person…you may not even personally know them. Hold this individual in your heart and imagine unconditional love flowing towards them. Repeat, ‘May they be well, may they be happy, may all things go well for them’. Feel love for the unknown for in reality we are all one.

Next, direct loving kindness and compassion to one who might traditionally be considered your enemy, or one you currently have a conflict with. ‘May they be well, may they be happy, may all things go well for them’. Repeat this phrase until you feel your acceptance and love flow to them.

In the last stage, line up these 4 people ~ yourself, your friend, the neutral person, and the enemy. Hold all in your heart until you feel such equal unconditional love that you do not have a preference for one above the other. Now begin to extend compassion outwards to all those in your immediate vicinity and eventually to all beings worldwide, stating ‘May all beings be at peace, may I be at peace with all beings’.

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A Prayer for Haiti

It is a difficult time for our world, as we witness Haiti going through such devastation from the catastrophic earthquake last week and aftershocks that are still occurring.

We know, that if you are able, you are donating funds to the many wonderful relief organizations that are on the ground in Haiti. We can also pray and hold the intention that Haiti will be restored to its natural, original beauty and be recreated with a more viable infrastructure to sustain her citizens. At the same time, we can acknowledge that the Global Heart is opening further with the whole world focused on supporting Haiti.

To that end, I have written a prayer for the recovery of Haiti and her soulful people. Please feel free to pass this prayer along to others.

Dear Creator,

We call in the light and open our hearts in sending our prayers to Haiti.

We see this beautiful island as a tropical paradise in turquoise waters in its original, natural and vibrant state and surround it with light and love.

First, we send light and love to the hundreds of thousands of souls who passed over to the other side so they may have smooth transition to the higher realms.

We send light and love to their loved ones left behind. May their grief heal, may they be safe and protected and may they transform and re-create themselves for their highest good.

We send light and love to the injured so that they can heal painlessly and get the medical help as soon as possible.

We send light and love to all of the medical professionals so they that they can help the injured swiftly restoring them to health.

We send light and love to the tent cities so that they live in a harmonious and peaceful manner, helping each other through this tragedy.

We send light and love to the street gangs so they make the choice for their behaviour to be of a higher order.

We send light and love to all the soldiers, relief workers, peacekeepers and missionaries in the life saving work they do and so that they can hold the peace for Haiti .

We send light and love to the soul of Haiti, so that her faith can be restored and that her courage strengthens more each day in moving through this tragedy.

We send light and love to the UN and Bill Clinton, the UN envoy, so that Haiti can be rebuilt and returned to its natural, beautiful state.

We send light and love to other political leaders, our [Canada’s] Governor General, Michaelle Jean, whose soul is weeping, and broadcasters and journalists for the endless work they do in Haiti.

We send light and love to all of humankind, so that our Global Heart opens further and we share our resources and money generously. We realize that we are all interconnected. We are all one!

So be it. Namaste.

Kathy Ryndak

Kathy Ryndak is the Co-founder of Transformational Arts College in Toronto, Canada | Visit their website at; view Transformational Arts College’s monthly e-newsletter / subscribe.

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The Highest Outcome for Yourself & Another

tips for connecting to another’s higher self

The Highest Outcome for Yourself & Another ~ InnerVitalityA wonderful way to find clarity and healing in a relationship, including with a loved one who’s passed or someone you are no longer in touch with, is to connect with their higher self and begin a dialoging process. If you have an important decision to make or upcoming discussion in a relationship (whether it be with a friend, significant other, family member or in business), this process may also provide some of the insight and higher purpose knowledge that will help you in proceeding in a manner in the best interest of both of you.

Of course, permission must always be sought when connecting to another, and this can be done intuitively.

1. To begin, you may wish to set the mood for meditation, whatever it is you like to do…relaxing music, candle, soft lighting, pleasant scent.
2. Get comfortable and centre yourself. Connect with your breath and close your eyes if you like (or bring your gaze to a soft focus if you are reading).
3. Ask to set aside your ego, and state your intention to connect to your higher self. You may wish to invite in any angels or guides you connect with. Imagine yourself surrounded in white light.
4. See an image of the person you wish to connect with in your mind’s eye; see them surrounded with light. If you do not sense the other person, ask to be given a scent, sound, shape or colour symbolic of their higher self; invite them to come forward. Ask their permission to connect to their higher self. Trust what you sense.
5. If you hear, feel or sense a ‘no’ response, then allow them this right, as it may not be the best time. Try this process at another time if you wish. You can still surround this situation/relationship with an intention of healing (or the best possible outcome for both of you) ~ that in itself brings wonderful transformational energy.
6. If you feel there is a ‘yes’ answer, you may proceed forward.
7. Begin to speak with them. Tell them anything you wish to express. Any questions you have can be asked now. You can even sense a response or words. Find clarity on how they view the situation. Interestingly, the way the other’s higher self communicates still reflects some of their personality, and you may even sense a certain tone to their voice, specific words or energy or mannerisms that make sense for them.
8. Even if you feel you are making this process up, there is valuable information here. If you don’t feel you are hearing a specific answer, examine their energy ~ you may find the answer in how they present themselves. You may also ask that communication between you two happen in your dream state, or ask that guidance/answers be presented to you in the coming week. Trust that you will find clarity/healing and be open to however it comes.
9. Some questions you may wish to ask are: a) How do you view this situation/relationship? b) What is/was your intention? c) What learning is this relationship/situation providing for you? Ask your own higher self the purpose for you. d) What can their higher self tell you that will provide you with more understanding/healing? e) Ask, what do you need from me and tell them what you need from them. f) How can we heal this? How is best to move forward? What one action today will help us move forward?
10. If this is a person that hurt you, you may wish to get some feelings out: a) What do you most need to tell them? Say this now. You are safe here to do this now. b) What positive qualities have you gained from the situation…strength, compassion, courage, resolve? [You may wish to read our sister blog article on Soul Connections.]
11. When you are done dialoguing, thank their higher self for connecting with you. Thank any guides and angels that were present. Thank yourself for taking the time to learn, heal and grow.
12. Come back gently now, beginning to move your hands and feet. Open your eyes (or bring the room more into focus) when you are ready. To further ground, you may wish to put your right hand on the crown of your head and your left hand at the base of your spine.

We hope this process has brought you some insight and healing. Holding the intention of everyone’s highest good is a wonderful way to release restrictions and smooth the path ahead. Don’t be surprised if you notice a marked improvement in this relationship or your feelings towards them. It is not uncommon to hear from the other person after this process, even if you have not for a while (they will have felt your energetic connection at some level). Know that you can do this process again with anyone at anytime with their permission. Transformation, guidance and healing are always available so that we may truly move forward, embracing the present moment and all that life has to offer!

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Your Healthy, Happy Spine

body-mind symbolism

Your Healthy, Happy Spine ~ InnerVitalityYou may have experienced some of these common phrases:

Was someone a ‘pain in your back’? Are you ‘breaking your back’? Who is the ‘backbone’ of the family? Have you ever felt ‘spineless’ or that someone else was? Did a friend ‘bend over backwards’ for you, or did you for another?

It’s not hard to imagine how these expressions came to be when we examine the emotion we feel in connection to these statements. We can further get at the root of the body-mind symbolism associated with the spine by also looking at its structural function:*

• strength, support, ability to stand upright with dignity
• encases the central nervous system & central blood supply
• upper back ~ assists expression through activity, eg. out arms
• middle back ~ holds centre of body in balance, enables bending
• lower back ~ supports the weight from above

internal dialogue

If you have pack pain, discomfort or misalignment, ask yourself the following questions:*

Do you feel supported? Carrying a heavy weight? Do you stand up for yourself? Are you too rigid with yourself or others? Are you turning your back? Are there repressed feelings you don’t want to look at?

What activities does your back ailment cause you to avoid or what do you get to do as a result? Is this symbolic in your life in any way? What inner change is needed to heal? How do others view people who are pain free and move with ease? With a ‘good’ back, what becomes possible in your life? See this now….

guided visualization

Imagine your spine filling with a radiant glowing light, spiraling and moving with ease from top to bottom, and bottom to top. Know that you are already on your way to a healthier, happier spine. Your body knows how to heal itself. Feel the radiant light filling each limb now…see yourself moving with joy and ease.

When we look within, we can decode the positive message from our soul ~ presented as unease in our body ~ as a tip that we are out of alignment. When awareness, action, and positive expectation are combined, we ultimate play a very empowered and far-reaching role in our health and vitality.

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