Explore Potential Changes

free meditationIf you’re considering a significant change in your life, here is an exercise from spiritual teacher Dick Sutphen that has benefited me greatly over the years. It can assist you in deeply exploring the situation and motivating yourself to take action where it’s of benefit.

Set about 20 minutes aside, and begin by getting yourself in a relaxed, meditative state. Have the intention of connecting with your Higher Self, and answer the following questions, jotting down anything that comes to mind without censoring yourself:

  • To change is to risk, and behind every risk, is a fear of loss of love, loss of control, loss of material possessions, or loss of self-esteem. Which fear applies to the change you are considering?
  • What is the clear purpose of your desire?
  • Often people do not pursue changes until the fear of doing so, is exceeded by the pain of not doing so. How does this relate to your situation? Explore the potential pain of making the change, opposed to continuing to live your life exactly as it is.
  • If you are keeping one foot in the safety zone, refusing to move forward into this change, what do you need to do to make it alright with yourself to act, to take the risk?
  • What is the worst that could happen if you go ahead and make this change, and it does not work out?
  • What is the best that could happen if you go ahead and make the change, and it works out wonderfully?
  • Is the potential loss greater than the potential gain?
  • Who else would like to see you make this change?
  • Who would prefer you did not make this change?
  • If you’re afraid in regard to making this change, what is holding you back?
  • If you make this change, will it result in a more honest and freer life?
  • If you make this change, could it improve the quality of your life?
  • Take a few moments to visualize this change, if everything works out as best as can be.
  • Is this what you want to happen…yes or no?
  • If you do want to make this change in your life, it’s time to call out to the positive powers of the Universe and ask for their assistance in manifesting this change in your life. Commit to acting. You can’t grow without taking chances. And if you’ve decided to make this change in your life, don’t sit back and wait for the perfect moment to act, as it almost never comes. Commit to acting immediately.

Every day is a fresh opportunity to begin again and create the changes our hearts desire.

With love,
Kerri McCutcheon

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Why Taking a Leap of Faith Might Be the Safest Thing You Can Do

A Guest Message from Cheryl Richardson

inner vitalityThere’s a little voice in my head that’s been trying to get my attention for a long time. The voice tells me things like:

  • stop following everyone else’s rules and start expressing your creativity in unconventional ways;
  • find that beautiful place by the sea you’ve wanted for intimate workshops and retreats and book one;
  • allow movement and nature and animals to hold a more prominent place in your life.

We all have a wise voice inside. Yours might be telling you that it’s time to let your grown children go so you can focus on living your life, or that you need to face the truth about how unhappy you are in your marriage, or that it’s finally time to confront your addiction to work.

It takes great courage to listen to the wise voice within. While it ultimately points to a better life, it also begs for action. That’s the scary part. If you listen and finally decide to act, it means confronting the reality that you often can’t walk to where it leads. You have to close your eyes, hold your breath, and jump. The moment you consider doing this you realize…

  • There is no net.
  • You will feel alone.
You may not get where you want to go.
  • But, somewhere deep inside, you know you need to step off that cliff anyway.

I’ve been doing a little leaping myself this summer and here’s what I’ve discovered. When you jump – when you really let go and trust – you find out pretty quickly that Life does love you, that the Universe does, in fact, have your best interest at heart, and that all along you had what it takes to do what you really, really want to do.

For too long I bought into a lie. You might be doing it, too. We’ve been taught to believe that ignoring that wise voice will ensure our safety, bring certainty, and allow us to maintain a comfortable, easy place in life. But ignoring your inner voice doesn’t bring these things. It brings inertia, despair, and apathy – the kind of slow, soul murder that eats away at desire.

Nope. At some point we just need to jump. So, in case you’ve been thinking about it, consider this a gentle push…

Take Action Challenge
Whether you’re ready to take a leap or not, do yourself a favor and start listening to that wise, inner voice of yours. Write down what it says. Let the truth reveal itself to you. Imagine how your life might change for the better if you were to act on its wisdom.

If you do this, there’s a good chance that at some point your desire will grow stronger than your fear.

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Taking Heart-full Action

taking actionBreaking Free
We only experience true growth where our heart beckons us; anything not truly in our best interest, will continue to be met with resistance. Life is always a lovely mirror of the resonance of our actions.

Always check in before big life steps. Is it what society (your mate, parent, or so on) says you must do, or is it what the empowerment of your soul calls you to do? Sometimes they’re the same, sometimes not. Take appropriate new action in any situation that feels rooted in control measures, resistant attitudes, or traditions not born of your truth.

If you’re not taking action, examine if you truly can’t or won’t. Don’t be afraid to get back in the game. Pick up the dice and give ’em a roll! Honour your truth with action. Life is what you create it to be!

Yours in wellness,
Kerri McCutcheon

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Exquisite Risk

A guest message by Mark Nepo. An excerpt from his book, ‘The Exquisite Risk: Daring to Live an Authentic Life’

finding joyRecently, I had an old tooth go bad. It was abscessed and this pressured ache kept building from some elusive spot inside my head. It felt like my deepest moments of doubt. As I waited inside the specialist’s office, I was growing more and more anxious. It’s such a strange journey to be spirit in a body. The Sufis compare it to an invisible bird carried for years within a body of a bird. But the longer I am alive, the harder it is to discern between the two, and the more grateful I am for both.

So there I was, fighting off the memories of my cancer journey, trying to breathe through the pain, and falling into the fear that feeds on poor waiting. In an effort to distract myself, I paged through a book of nature photographs and came upon a full-page color still of a meadowlark. This delicate songbird had climbed the tallest stalk in a wildflower patch, its small talons gripping the stalk tightly in the midst of sudden wind. While its talons were clinging sideways, its body was leaning upright and its head was singing full to the sky.

I realized that the meadowlark holds on, in the smallest storm, in order to sing. Isn’t this what we do — hold on and sing? Isn’t this the art of suffering our way into joy? And if we only hold, don’t we miss the point of our existence? This tiny bird was a teaching from God.

It was then that the doctor’s assistant called my name. Feeling tiny myself, I closed the book, knowing that this was a piece of truth given just in time. For the next three hours they extracted the dying nerve from my mouth, and I held on like a meadowlark, my body slightly twisted as I tried to let my spirit sing. And from that in-between space, floating softly within my pain, I saw how kind this man was who was tending me. Though his eyes were intent on the thin canals inside my tooth, I saw behind his focus to his soft place. It was there that we’d known each other deeply, though we’d never met.

Suddenly, with a rubber gauze covering my mouth, I understood how cautious we are on the surface, and how kind and willing underneath. It is often when in need — when too sad to keep the mask in place, too tired to keep the wall propped up, too wounded to lift the sword — often it is then that we glimpse each other as we really are, stripped of all the things we think we need to protect ourselves. Ironically, once flushed out in the open, it is from the soft place that we guard and hide that kindness seeks kindness, and we are just thankful to be helped along.

Published by Harmony Books, Random House, New York, February 2005. | In The Exquisite Risk, poet and teacher Mark Nepo encourages readers to become quiet enough and open enough to listen to what truly matters—our own hearts, our loved ones, the wonders of nature—in order to live a life with nothing held back. | http://www.marknepo.com/books/theexquisite.htm

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