As You Are Now

Wishing and waiting are not using our full power, yet how common is it to be waiting for something…better health, less pain, a different size or shape, more fulfilled career, retirement, more money, when every task of the entire day is done, and so on. Do you find yourself waiting to live?

self acceptanceDeep acceptance of ourselves, EXACTLY where we are now can be extremely freeing (and paradoxically, can be just what’s needed to get out of our own way so we can make changes leading to more fulfilment). Cultivate the knowing that you are loved, empowered, and free. EACH moment is where the joy is. Make it count!

Holistic Health Tip
I once worked with a wonderful woman who would walk down the hallway swinging her hips in a full figure 8 motion. She wasn’t just exercising her fabulousness and liberation — she was onto something really powerful! How does your body want to move? What inside you wants to be free?

Health author Anat Banal relays that, “Old painful patterns and movement without awareness block growth opportunities in the brain”, but when we…“allow new, spontaneous and natural movements [it] leads to clearer thinking and emotional responses, helps us move thru resistance to change, and opens more creativity in living.”

Try it out. If you’re reading this in public, who cares who sees you? I just stopped typing on my laptop to engage in the most blissful awakening stretch and ear-to-ear grin!

“You needn’t be happy in your life before you start being nice to yourself. Start doing small things for yourself every day and we assure you that you’ll start thinking more highly of yourself. If you can show yourself that love, you’re going to see that love all around you. It starts with small acts of self-care.” FROM OUR ANGEL BLOG, POST: Esteem Fuels You Forward >>

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Detoxing the Past

A guest message from Stefanie Miller: A Magical World

Notes to Myself
Learning to be present in our bodies is essential. Many highly sensitive beings have a tendency to disconnect from their body and their life since it feels way too dense and overwhelming. When we are disconnected from our bodies and life we cannot manifest our potential since we are not paying attention to what is going on inside of or around us. Being mindful of being fully present in the moment (without scattered thoughts and emotions that keep us disassociated) and coming fully into our body (rather than hovering just outside of it where it is nice and safe).

De-cluttering our home and workplace of anything and everything that we don’t need, want, or have a use for is one way of making space for the new energy to enter. I went through every draw, cabinet, and closet and got rid of many things. Holding onto objects that are useless tends to keep us stuck in the past and prevents us from moving forward.

inner vitalityMy diet is an area that I had to look carefully at and make some major changes. I have always had a lot of digestive issues and I have found that cutting out gluten, wheat and flour, sugar, and dairy from my diet has made a huge difference. Once I stopped eating these things I rarely if ever crave them.

Many of us have food sensitivities that we aren’t conscious of. So much of the food is processed and contains harmful substances that our bodies can no longer digest. Many of us have become sensitive to consuming foods that not that long ago we were able to tolerate, as we are becoming increasingly more sensitive we have to make big changes in our eating habits in order to feel healthy. Paying attention to what we are consuming and how it makes us feel is a big part of being mindful. By blessing our food with love, light, and nourishment, gratitude, and honoring the life force of what we are eating raises its vibrational frequency.

Detoxification of our body is a major part of this process. Getting plenty of rest, drinking plenty of water, taking the necessary vitamins and minerals for our particular needs (seeing a physician to get our blood work done to determine areas where we are lacking), eating foods that are nutritious and full of life force energy and detoxing from things that are harmful to our system are ways we can do this.

Too much caffeine, mind altering substances, foods that our body cannot digest, stress, anxiety, and living/working in an environment with lots of toxins (mold, mildew, dust, etc.) causes our bodies to become toxic (build up of yeast, fungus, parasites, bacteria in our stomach). Doing a cleanse to flush out our system assists us greatly in bringing in the higher frequencies since light cannot come into a body that is dense and heavy with toxins.

I have been on this cleanse for the past two months and feel a major shift in my body and mind. My body feels lighter and my thoughts are clearer.

Incorporating other modalities while cleansing assists the process. I am doing yoga stretches at home and walking to build strength and stamina. Mindful breathing is essential in replenishing, many of us take shallow breaths, pay attention to our breathing as we hold in anger, anxiety, and fear, and we must let it go and allow life force energy to circulate through our system. I have also done reflexology, massage, meditation, energy healing and working with my energy centers, and meridians.

Being outside is immensely healing. Connecting with the earth energy is grounding. Running a grounding cord deep into the earth and anchoring our Soul within our body. Sitting by or going into the water has wonderful natural purifying abilities. The rays of the sun hold the power to cleanse away what no longer serves us. Breathing in the fresh air brings in the life force energy into our bodies. Being amongst nature uplifts my spirit and relaxes me. I feel the pulse of the Universe being outdoors and I find I can balance my energies and be in the divine flow when I am spending time outside on a daily basis. I call on the fairies to assist me in my healing process.

We have been in the process of emptying out everything and anything that no longer serves us. Relationships have come to an abrupt end, which we were not based on the mutual goal of what we are creating in the next phase of our lives. On the other hand issues in our relationships that hadn’t been addressed are being resolved. Whereas before neither person wanted to talk about what was bothering them, now we are ready to clear the air. The people meant to be in our lives will stand firm and the relationships that have served their purpose are ready to depart.

Motivation and inspiration have been lacking in a big way as we are rebooting and recalibrating. There is not much energy of creation. There have been pockets and periods of time to go forward with projects and things will miraculously get done and then as quickly as the window of opportunity opens it will suddenly shut down. We’re better off spending our time and effort elsewhere cause when it’s not flowing its just not gonna happen! Following the energy of what feels right (following our intuition and inner guidance) when to pursue and when to lay low is a skill best cultivated in this energy.

Nothing can get it in when we are dense and weary. Hence, as our motivation and inspiration is gone thus, we have more time to rest and relax since we can get very little done anyway! During our periods of rest we are rejuvenating and literally our DNA is being restructured at a core cellular level! And we only thought we were just taking afternoon naps or sleeping in late!! When someone says we’re lazy we can tell them what we’re REALLY doing!! Being gentle without ourselves and honoring what we need in the moment is necessary. Pushing ourselves past our capacity doesn’t allow Source to work miracles. I awaken from a deep sleep and feel the pulsating energy within me.

Detoxing our thoughts is as important as our bodies. Patterns, limiting thoughts and beliefs must be shed. The old ways of doing things just no longer work the way they used to. It’s high time to find a new way! I firmly stated to the Universe, “I no longer see myself as helpless, victimized, or unloved. I release poverty consciousness, and see myself abundant and radiant in all ways. And so it is!”

Our hearts are opening to deeper levels of allowing true love in. Issues from the past, issues in our relationships, issues within ourselves will suddenly come to the surface to be dealt with. Deep pain and anguish can arise and tears of sadness and loss may be shed. As we truly allow ourselves to heal from the past, we can open our hearts once and for all and allow love that is deep and abiding in.

We are entering a period where we will be living from the heart. The healing and opening of the heart is the most profound part of this entire process. We are and will continue to experience love at deeper and deeper levels, grander and greater than we ever imagined possible! We will feel our heart bursting open with powerful waves of love if we just allow this process to unfold. We will naturally attract loving relationships based on mutual love and respect.


Dear God,

Please assist me in making positive changes in my life. I wish to experience vibrant health and happiness.

Please release me from my addictions and desires to unhealthy food, beverages, situations, and substances. Guide me in releasing attachments to unhealthy relationships, thoughts, patterns, and habits.

I forgive myself for all the ways in which I sabotage my wellbeing and make choices that do not benefit my life. I love myself and I honor my body, mind and spirit.

From this moment forward I ask you to guide me in making changes that will be for my highest and greatest good.

I no longer see myself as helpless, victimized, or unloved in any way, shape or form! I AM healthy, nourished, and radiant in every possible way!

And so it is.


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Your Home is a Symbol of Your Inner Life


  • FOYER…..The Gate | Transition | Equalizing
  • KITCHEN…..The Hearth | Physical Sustenance | Nurturance
  • LIVING ROOM…..The Tribal Council | Fellowship & Entertainment | Camaraderie
  • DINING ROOM…..The Round Table | Communion | Bonding
  • BEDROOM…..The Sanctuary | Sleep, Solitude & Sex | Intimacy
  • BATHROOM…..Temple Bath | Purification | Reverance
  • HOME OFFICE…..Central Records | Business of the Family | Value & Accountability
  • BASEMENT/GARAGE…..The Keep | Storage | Remembrance
  • KIDS’ ROOMS…..The Fort | Nursery/Hideout | Becoming
  • STUDIO/WORKSHOP…..Labour & Delivery Room | Creative Arts | Expression
  • GARDEN/PATIO…..Eden | Cultivation & Harvesting | Serenity
  • RECREATION ROOM…..Playhouse | Gaming/Fitness/Fun | Release
  • LAUNDRY ROOM…..The River | Washing & Folding | New Beginnings

This chart is shared from the work of Kathryn L. Robyn and Dawn Ritchie, authors of The Emotional House…check it out! For some mind-body-spirit ideas on Creating a Safe Haven and its benefits (AT HOME | WHILE DRIVING | WITHIN MEDITATION | AMONG FAMILY & FRIENDS | DAY-TO-DAY), I invite you to read InnerVitality’s complimentary newsletter.

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Self-Care Action Plan

5 Steps You Can Take Today

Self Care ~ InnerVitalityIf you have the chance to review author Cheryl Richardson’s work (check out The Art of Extreme Self-Care), I highly recommend it! Here are a few of her suggested steps to reawaken and nourish yourself, starting right NOW:

1. Choose 1 person in your life you need to be willing to disappoint, say no to, and be honest with.
2. Decide 1 thing you’ve been putting off, you need to do to take care of yourself.
3. Identify 1 absolute ‘no’ for you ~ something you’ve been saying ‘yes’ to (against your highest good) that you will now say ‘no’ to.
4. What 1 daily ritual could you put into place that would set your life on the right course?
5. Come up with a healthy way that you will begin to express your anger.

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I Can Do It Toronto ticket discounts

You are the Epicentre

This channeled article also appears on our sister blog site, SatyaSoul ~ your loving source for spirit messages and intuitive development tips!

You are the Epicentre @SatyaSoulBelieve us when we say your self-care and your physical body are to be your utmost priority in life. All else flows from this. Don’t you see? The other matters, your family and career ~ mean nothing without an optimal you at its centre. Many don’t believe this within completely yet. But we cannot stress this enough. Put yourself first. Trust your body. Listen when it says it needs to stretch, to move, and the foods that suit it and fuel it for your highest function and good.

how charged is your internal battery?

You are like the epicentre. And everything you create in your life, everything you seek, even your inner clarity ~ is more focused, abundant and dynamic with a whole you at the centre. Every situation you find yourself in, even your friends, family and other relationships around you…are part of the web that you spin from your inner resources. What kind of web are you creating? How charged is your internal battery? Recharge it, and your entire web and how you relate to it is affected. Stay charged, continuously maintain your vitality, and so much more than you currently realize is possible.

step into your power, embrace all that nourishes you…

Self care has been a roadblock for many throughout their life. Isn’t it time to make a plan…a commitment to yourself and finally follow through? You see many more joys and discoveries await!

But naturally, you must be ready and able to embrace these new opportunities. What doors will open when you truly take care of yourself and put yourself first? That is after all, your duty to yourself. Think of the power you have when you put yourself directly in the epicentre, the centre of the web, instead of haphazardly directing your life from the sidelines. Step into your power. It is time. Embrace all that nourishes you. Live life.

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Self Nurturing Concepts

Self Nurturing Concepts ~ InnerVitalityInnerVitality was a proud sponsor of Hay House’s I CAN DO IT Toronto 2009 conference. Among many great talks, author and life coach Cheryl Richardson‘s lecture on the Art of Extreme Self Care was fantastic! We’re pleased to share some of the highlights below:

1. Learn to disappoint others with love and grace. If you can set healthy boundaries with those closest to you, you can do so with anyone!
2. Stop doing things out of guilt or obligation ~ that is not a relationship, it is an arrangement.
3. A good girl [or boy] role can rob you of your life.
4. Accept that everyone won’t like you.
5. Surround yourself only with people who uplift you ~ this includes clients and family.
6. Don’t beat yourself up if you said ‘yes’ when you wanted to say ‘no’. On the plus side, how you felt is an important lesson you can incorporate into future actions.
7. Create a nurturing and beautiful environment in your home and work. Eliminate clutter.
8. Don’t rush ~ give yourself time between commitments.
9. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.
10. When we are authentic in our life, we make a significant contribution to the world!

P.S. Hope to see you at the 2011 I Can Do It! Toronto conference, happening in May!

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I Can Do It Toronto ticket discounts