As You Are Now

Wishing and waiting are not using our full power, yet how common is it to be waiting for something…better health, less pain, a different size or shape, more fulfilled career, retirement, more money, when every task of the entire day is done, and so on. Do you find yourself waiting to live?

self acceptanceDeep acceptance of ourselves, EXACTLY where we are now can be extremely freeing (and paradoxically, can be just what’s needed to get out of our own way so we can make changes leading to more fulfilment). Cultivate the knowing that you are loved, empowered, and free. EACH moment is where the joy is. Make it count!

Holistic Health Tip
I once worked with a wonderful woman who would walk down the hallway swinging her hips in a full figure 8 motion. She wasn’t just exercising her fabulousness and liberation — she was onto something really powerful! How does your body want to move? What inside you wants to be free?

Health author Anat Banal relays that, “Old painful patterns and movement without awareness block growth opportunities in the brain”, but when we…“allow new, spontaneous and natural movements [it] leads to clearer thinking and emotional responses, helps us move thru resistance to change, and opens more creativity in living.”

Try it out. If you’re reading this in public, who cares who sees you? I just stopped typing on my laptop to engage in the most blissful awakening stretch and ear-to-ear grin!

“You needn’t be happy in your life before you start being nice to yourself. Start doing small things for yourself every day and we assure you that you’ll start thinking more highly of yourself. If you can show yourself that love, you’re going to see that love all around you. It starts with small acts of self-care.” FROM OUR ANGEL BLOG, POST: Esteem Fuels You Forward >>

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Meditation in Compassion For Ourselves & All Beings

The following metta loving kindness meditation is based on the work of Debbie Shapiro from The BodyMind Workbook:

Sit upright and comfortably, take a deep breath, close your eyes and relax. First bring your attention to your heart and repeat to yourself, ‘May I be well, may I be happy, may all things go well for me’. Allow the feeling to grow within…releasing guilt, shame, unworthiness or inability to receive. Let love shine. Repeat as many times as you like, ‘May I be well, may I be happy, may all things go well for me’.

In the second stage, direct the loving kindness and compassion you feel towards a dear friend. Repeat several times, ‘May they be well, may they be happy, may all things go well for them’. Feel love radiate throughout your being.

Now direct compassion and loving kindness to a neutral person…you may not even personally know them. Hold this individual in your heart and imagine unconditional love flowing towards them. Repeat, ‘May they be well, may they be happy, may all things go well for them’. Feel love for the unknown for in reality we are all one.

Next, direct loving kindness and compassion to one who might traditionally be considered your enemy, or one you currently have a conflict with. ‘May they be well, may they be happy, may all things go well for them’. Repeat this phrase until you feel your acceptance and love flow to them.

In the last stage, line up these 4 people ~ yourself, your friend, the neutral person, and the enemy. Hold all in your heart until you feel such equal unconditional love that you do not have a preference for one above the other. Now begin to extend compassion outwards to all those in your immediate vicinity and eventually to all beings worldwide, stating ‘May all beings be at peace, may I be at peace with all beings’.

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Lighting the Way Forward

InnerVitality ~ Lighting the Way ForwardWe are pleased to share a beautiful excerpt from LuminEssence with you:

You may be sensing changes that you want to make in your life to experience more joy and wholeness. You may feel a call to expand and grow, to reach others with your work, and to follow your higher path….

The energy present lights up new paths and directions. This new light reaches deep into your heart and brings the desires and dreams of your soul and Higher Self to consciousness. It lights up those things that are not of your soul so you will feel less energy or desire to do them…. It can stimulate your desire to start living your dreams and to follow your joy. You may be sensing that something better exists, something you could be doing that would bring you so much aliveness and joy that you could not wait to get up in the morning and begin the day. It is only when you know and live your life purpose that you have the joy, aliveness, and inner peace that makes it possible to know and to live as your soul.

Knowing and living your life purpose does not mean that you have to change your job or make any outer changes. When you know your purpose, the same activities that once felt boring or draining can take on all new meaning, and you can feel a sense of joy and aliveness in doing them….

To find the joy that is in this wave is to surrender to and follow your joy…. You deserve to have a life that fulfills you at your deepest levels. It is also important to love yourself for what you have already created. Take a moment to reflect on all you have done, and to appreciate yourself for coming as far as you have.*

InnerVitality invites you to intend positive inner change and fresh new beginnings in the days ahead. As Esther and Jerry Hicks so beautifully write, “When a desire is focused within you, the summoning of Creative Life Force immediately begins to flow toward your desire ~ and the Universe expands. And that is good.”

*Source: LuminEssence excerpt shared from Orin’s article in the Birth Into Light Newsletter, Wave of Light and Transformation;

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