10 Tips for a Fabulous Summer

Feel Connected, Wherever You Are

summer tips Transport your home office to the park, beach or lake for the day. What better place to brainstorm or get organized than out in nature, inspired by the natural beauty and order of things!

Make room for spontaneity. From May onwards, I have a picnic blanket in my trunk, hiking shoes, maps, and yoga gear all ready for spur of the moment fun. If you’ve never stretched out a map, closed your eyes and pointed…you have to try it for a fabulous day trip! It’s an amazing reminder of the fun we can create along the journey.

Try at least one thing that scares you, but secretly thrills you in a zest for life kind of way. WOW, will you feel good after, when you feel some mastery over your fear, and have been taking steps to live your life so fully!

Create a neighbourhood bucket list of all places you’d like to check out or revisit. In many trips abroad I was always surprised by how many locals hadn’t been to the most fabulous places in their own back yard, and made a note to explore the local treasures right under my own nose too. Each item you check off can bring more appreciation of where you are right now, and feeling more connected to your community.

Engage all your senses consciously for at least a few moments every day. Literally stop and smell the roses, the scent of rain on its way, your fresh laundry. Notice what visually catches your attention too, as that’s what will harmonize you. Recently I’ve been drawn to pink and orange — not usual colours for me, but they seem to be bringing healing waves of unconditional love and joy. I’ll take it!

We have a universal need for touch, protection, and connection. Self-help expert Laura Day invites us to check in on these themes day to day. What texture do you want to wrap yourself in or how do you want to touch or be touched? What step would make you feel more protected right now? How are you being urged to connect?

Reflect on memories of pleasure. Allow 1 or 2 pleasant memories to come forward, remembering everything you experienced moment to moment…taste, touch, sounds, scents, and visuals. Now try to bring some of those ideas into every day tasks, and watch yourself enjoy them more!

Meditate to reconnect with the real you. Beginner meditators learn relaxation techniques to let go of stress and and enjoy a pleasant escape from the pressures of life. What’s so amazing, is that as our journey progresses, we’re able to experience those sweet moments more and more often whether we’re in meditation or not. Instead of meditation being an ‘escape’, we actually experience what’s real — no longer disconnected and ruled by fear, but aligned with the peaceful wisdom of our soul and the innate freedom within.

Spread the love and good cheer! The next time someone asks you how you are, if you’re feeling just how sweet life is, truly share your enthusiasm (and theirs). Have you noticed that we can’t help but smile when we see others laughing and having fun? Throw your arms around the world, and let those giggles out!

“I create pleasure and the state of love in my life every day.” I love this affirmation from Laura Day! Can you feel the words come to life in your body? Try writing the affirmation you love on a sticky note so you see and repeat it often.

Here’s to a fabulous season! If you’re nearby, I’d love to see you at InnerVitality’s Summer Series in Toronto!

Kerri McCutcheon,
InnerVitality Founder

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Making Your World a Safe Haven

self nurturingHaving a safe haven that supports us day-to-day and during life’s transitions, offers us enormous benefit.

Consider how you feel when you open your front door, back door, and bedroom door. These are key doorways through which we greet the rest of our day and the world…and where we recuperate, marinate, plan, and dream. These are therefore key areas to bring harmony to. See InnerVitality’s blog post on what each room in your house symbolizes >>

Surround yourself with what (and whom) makes you happy. What does home mean to you? Reflect on what makes you smile. As best as you can, eliminate everything else. When we’re not surrounded by clutter we feel open, safe and tranquil. Spend time in each room, and if there’s a room you never use or is too fancy to sit in, it’s time to change things up. Fill each room with at least one comfort item…this may be a plush chair, cozy blanket or throw pillow, soft lighting, candles, or a living plant. Surround yourself with beautiful art, scent, a variety of textures, shapes and colours, with heart-warming memories, and anything that connects you to your passions and what you adore about the world outside.

Sometimes creating a safe haven has little to do with our physical space and is more about cultivating a healthy mind-set. We need to love our home into a safe haven and recognize and cherish ourselves as empowered creators of our environment. Our home and all it contains have cooperative energy available to create a loving and nurturing environment for all of our needs. Our beliefs about our home (and the people in it) speak to how we will interact and experience it. It may sound absurd, but if you were in a relationship with your home, what might it want from you to be happier or more balanced and cared for? Ask it. Speak kindly to your kitchen, the bathroom mirror, your storage closet, bed, the roof above you. Feel yourself surrounded in the protective energy of your home at all times. Send your gratitude. When relaxing, imagine yourself lovingly wrapped in blankets of pink and white light. While you sleep, invite your angels to help you discover answers to life’s questions.

Here are some wonderful affirmations from self empowerment expert Louise Hay and life coach Cheryl Richardson: When you arrive at your car, say “Good morning, I love you!” Put love in before you start it. Affirm, “This is a safe and easy drive. I am surrounded by safe, pleasant drivers. We will get there in plenty of time.” Imagine if all drivers sent love to their vehicles, the road, and other drivers, how it would change our driving experience and the world!

See my post on Creating a Safe Haven in Meditation >>

Don’t be afraid to ask for the little idiosyncrasies that you specifically need from your family and friends…be it what you need to feel included, how they can help you see different points of view, or requesting that they only call after a certain time on the weekends. Your preferences are exactly right for you, and with practice you will become extremely comfortable in tuning into and expressing your needs as they arise, and enforcing your boundaries with love.

It’s important we manage our risks. Check in with whether you can’t afford to do something or can’t afford not to. Is it that you truly can’t or won’t? Recovering a sense of safety can sometimes mean a leap (a.k.a. risk) is necessary. Create a plan…what do you need to feel secure and nurtured while moving forward? Gently allow yourself to try it, and let life unfold. Perfection is not required. The treasure is always in the journey!

Quite simply, we flourish in an environment of safety, kindness and love. It takes self-nurturing to feel at home. Creating a safe haven is ultimately about being at home with ourselves.

Our relationship is considered sacred, as are all transactions. Emphasis is placed on creating an environment that is safe, loving, personalized, and respectful of the journey we’re all on towards self-empowerment and wholeness. We learn from each other. InnerVitality welcomes sharing and feedback within the Class and Training environment; points you to effective resources and tools, while also inspiring you to access vitality and truth within. Rejuvenating Treatment experiences are created by providing you with the necessary comforts, fresh linens, lovely products, a knowledgeable holistic approach, and most importantly ~ belief in your healing.

Have a beautiful day…I look forward to connecting with you! Comments are always welcome.

With love,
Kerri McCutcheon, Founder

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Self-Care Action Plan

5 Steps You Can Take Today

Self Care ~ InnerVitalityIf you have the chance to review author Cheryl Richardson’s work (check out The Art of Extreme Self-Care), I highly recommend it! Here are a few of her suggested steps to reawaken and nourish yourself, starting right NOW:

1. Choose 1 person in your life you need to be willing to disappoint, say no to, and be honest with.
2. Decide 1 thing you’ve been putting off, you need to do to take care of yourself.
3. Identify 1 absolute ‘no’ for you ~ something you’ve been saying ‘yes’ to (against your highest good) that you will now say ‘no’ to.
4. What 1 daily ritual could you put into place that would set your life on the right course?
5. Come up with a healthy way that you will begin to express your anger.

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Comments are always welcome…

I Can Do It Toronto ticket discounts

Self Nurturing Concepts

Self Nurturing Concepts ~ InnerVitalityInnerVitality was a proud sponsor of Hay House’s I CAN DO IT Toronto 2009 conference. Among many great talks, author and life coach Cheryl Richardson‘s lecture on the Art of Extreme Self Care was fantastic! We’re pleased to share some of the highlights below:

1. Learn to disappoint others with love and grace. If you can set healthy boundaries with those closest to you, you can do so with anyone!
2. Stop doing things out of guilt or obligation ~ that is not a relationship, it is an arrangement.
3. A good girl [or boy] role can rob you of your life.
4. Accept that everyone won’t like you.
5. Surround yourself only with people who uplift you ~ this includes clients and family.
6. Don’t beat yourself up if you said ‘yes’ when you wanted to say ‘no’. On the plus side, how you felt is an important lesson you can incorporate into future actions.
7. Create a nurturing and beautiful environment in your home and work. Eliminate clutter.
8. Don’t rush ~ give yourself time between commitments.
9. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.
10. When we are authentic in our life, we make a significant contribution to the world!

P.S. Hope to see you at the 2011 I Can Do It! Toronto conference, happening in May!

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I Can Do It Toronto ticket discounts