Thank You, A Prayer for Liberation

Here is a short Bodhi-inspired thank you prayer for liberation. Repeat each phrase for 1 to 10 minutes:

I notice this breath…thank you breath.
Feel breath caress the body.

I notice this body…thank you body.
Feel the aliveness within.

I notice this mind…thank you mind.
Feel the ripples smooth.

I notice ‘my story’…thank you story.
Feel the loosening of attachment.

I notice life…thank you life.
Feel the connectedness.

Kerri McCutcheon

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Every Second Counts

Guest message courtesy of Sarah-Jane Grace

power of nowToday is a unique day. There will never be another day like it. Tomorrow is a day away and yesterday is already in the past, yet no day is the same; each is unique. Yet how many of us spend each unique day thinking about the next day, week, month or year rather than thinking about the present moment? How many of us ignore the present and focus on moving forward, pushing towards goals, plans or dreams hoping that life will become ‘complete’ once we have achieved them?

Whilst we have a good idea of where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing tomorrow and the day after that, the reality is that we can never be truly sure of what may happen between now and then. Whilst we all have plans, dreams and things to do, we never know what is around the next corner. Obviously we hope than any unexpected events or surprises are good ones, but even this is unknowable.

Yet, we all have goals, plans and dreams, and whilst we can never be sure what may happen in the next second, let alone the next month or year, we have a choice. We can either choose to follow our dreams and live every moment to the fullest in the process, or we can err on the side of caution, holding back until we find more certainty or clarity, or hoping that events will happen that will catapult us from where we are now to where we want to be. Sadly, the latter may mean a long wait, for we can never have a 100% guarantee when it comes to life, plans or dreams; for the Universe just isn’t made that way.

Life is for living; it is not a rehearsal…

So, do we choose to live life to the fullest, making the most of every moment, or do we allow ourselves to become paralyzed in fear and indecision, afraid to take that leap of faith towards our dreams through fear that we may not reach our goal? When we think of things this way, who would willingly choose the latter?! Yet, how many of us do choose the latter every single day through our fears of stepping into the unknown or through a fear of living consciously in the present moment, surrendering to the Universal flow?

Of course, life carries no guarantees, but it seems so important to make a conscious choice as to how we want to live life. We can empower ourselves and embrace life fully, living each day as it comes, working towards our dreams and taking a chance that we might fail or we might just soar to new heights and to new joy creating abundance on all levels of our lives, or we can keep the proverbial apple cart in perfect balance afraid to dislodge even one apple through a fear of what may happen next. Even apples rot in time if they are left unturned….

Life is for living; it is not a rehearsal. Embracing life sounds so easy, but the reality can be somewhat harder. The reason for this is that every day is unique, and we can never know what’s around the next corner! At the same time, life gets in the way! As humans we complicate things; we tie things in knots through over-thinking, and we get stuck in repeating patterns and cycles. In order to break free, we need to make a conscious choice to step beyond fear and to make the most of every single moment that life has to offer.emember, today is a unique day. There will never be another day like it. So, why not make the most of it and live consciously, awakened, and fully in the moment? Why not love life, live life and be life?

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Sweet Surrender

surrenderWhat does it mean to you to truly surrender? For some it conjures up the idea of giving in to an opponent or cowardly giving up on something in defeat. Perhaps the higher concept of surrender is about letting go of the ego’s demands and experiencing exactly what is moment-to-moment. This takes amazing courage, to simply be, yet isn’t it what we’re truly seeking?

In Emptiness Dancing, Adyashanti shares:

“When you listen deeply, feel intimately, and allow yourself to experience this moment exactly the way it is, the emotional and energetic bodies soften…the presence of stillness soaks into you like a sponge if you allow it. A silent understanding happens that is not in words but is the direct experience of what is. Allow yourself the great gift of not looking for some alternate experience.”

Here are a few tips on how we might apply the concept of surrender in our health, mind, heart and soul:

Begin to let go of any stories you’ve been repeating ~ you are not your symptoms or any trauma you’ve experienced. Try sending your body and every cell unconditional love. See how it feels for you to ‘move through’ health issues rather than ‘fight’ them. Releasing resistance can help us align with our natural healing power. Acceptance brings more inner peace and more flow.

When faced with a dilemma, ask yourself, if your decision-making process is led by thoughts of separation or love? Fear or faith? Demand or acceptance? Boredom or exhilaration? Resistance or flow? Anxiety and control or trust? The highest and best path for us is always the thought that truly feels better. When we don’t choose ineffective mind patterns, we are free to choose the surrender of love, faith, acceptance, exhilaration, flow, and trust. Even when the ego gets what it’s trying to acquire, it demands it again, fearful of not getting its needs met. When we stop trying to acquire ~ be it love, to be loved, peace, wholeness, enlightenment…we realize we already have and are what we’re seeking.

Allow yourself the full vibrancy of your emotions…be it pain, regret, sorrow, ecstasy, inspiration, or love. Transcend difficult experiences by embracing them. This deep act of compassion for oneself may be the ultimate experience of surrender. Be willing to see meaning in everything. Ask to connect with the infinite ~ feeling your spirit fully empowered and pregnant with possibility, yet in a place where time stands still or doesn’t exist. Let go of demands on the past, the future, and even the present moment. In moments of surrender, we touch our true nature…connected with all parts of our self, all potential, and all of life.

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